Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thanks to Paige!

My thanks go to Paige for gently prodding me to join Facebook. I finally did a few short weeks ago, and I'm delighted to say how very cool it is!

I've reconnected with high school friends whom I haven't seen/heard from in 25+ years (yes, I am that old), and reconnected with friends I had stayed in contact with but, over the past few years, lost contact.

I've found that many are still in the general Chicagoland area and some have very similar families (kids around the same age), interests and are happy to get reacquainted again also!

Yesterday, Brenda, Marcia and I actually met for lunch up in South Barrington at a wonderful place Brenda selected called, Millrose Restaurant and Brewing. The decor is rustic/cabin-like on the inside and the food was great.

The best part was that the 3 of us sat and talked like it was 2 days after graduation! We talked about family, our memories from school (grade school on up), teachers, and current interests! Brenda and her hubby started a PT Cruiser Club up near McHenry and Marcia and I both KNIT! Who knew? We even brought our current knitting projects to share! Marcia is now inspired to try socks (ha - the good enabler I am) and on her way home stopped at Gene Ann's in Barrington and purchased a sock book, sock yarn, sock needles (and some other yarn too)! I cannot wait to see her progress!

We've decided when the weather breaks and we can arrange a day without time constraints (Marcia and I both had to head back to pick up our kids from school), we are going to try to gather as many folks as we can for a get together!

It was a great day! I am so glad I joined Facebook and it was fantastic to see Marcia and Brenda again and I cannot wait to see more old (in time, not age) friends!

(Ps - can you believe NONE of us brought a camera? AND, I didn't even think until last night about the camera on my cell phone - I know - bad me)


Paige said...

I love it when people recognize my brilliance.

I knew you would love it--I had no idea it would be so successful so fast, but YAY for you.

Things like that can change your whole perspective, cant it?

Enjoy finding your friends again

meg said...

Facebook is a lot of fun like that - how cool to find so many old friends so easily.

Jen said...

I love Facebook! And Mill Rose. That place is delicious!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Paige who is absolutely brilliant with knowledge----and crazy funny events also.

Kudos to Marcia and Brenda who were just as excited to renew the "ole" friendships.

I "enjoyed" this morning's account of your wonderful adventure and lunch on Friday.

I hope a sequel will be posted which will include pictures. ha!

Enjoy Mom

Marcia said...

Lorna, you just don't know how little enabling I need! I tried socks last summer with the DPN and just was all thumbs. So nice to find an easier way to do it! I'll keep you posted!