Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wingspan.. Jan 31 - They WON!

I figured I better get the info out on last Saturday's game before today's game is played - sorry - my bad...

Well they WON! 12-10. This was exciting! Because last year, this team rolled over our team!

The girls played tough, came from behind and pulled it out within the last 45 seconds!

When I saw this picture (let me explain first), I had to laugh. It is all about 'wingspan'. I didn't realize how 'wide' of a wingspan Bree actually has. You have to understand that Bill is about 6'1". But, for his height, he is short armed. You know how they say that your arm (wingspan) from fingertip to fingertip should be the same as your height (less for those of us who don't always stand up the straightest)? Well, Bill must be the exception to the rule as it doesn't work out mathematically for him. He only wears a 32-33 inch length shirt.

Looking at this picture, Bree's arms seem to grow out of her sides forever - I never realized that - I've seen her play BBall and taken shots like this before, but maybe its the angle or lighting - I don't know..

Anyway, here's the picture:

And one on offense for good measure.

Their game today is a 1pm - they have team pictures this morning at 10am!