Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Bloggers..

A few of my "horsey" friends have started blogs this week - it is most interesting to read their little tidbits....

One of my favorites is the musings of JoD - she is a nut - I think she rivals Paige's amusing posts only more non-horse related.. Take a peek:

Another gal up in the great white north (truly the great white north) is a naval engineer or ship engineer or some such type thing and was telling us the story of where she "guest" posts about the Australian Navy paying for women's boob jobs - you can read here:

There are just all sorts of funny things popping up all over - I like the exploits of this horse friend's first day at kindergarten - Can't wait to read more about "Mr C"...

Goodness, with all these funnies on blogs - it's a good thing I'm a stay at home Mom with nothing to do - When Hubby asks me what I did today - I'm going to tell him ghost stories about JoD's Dad, about Mr C getting in trouble and Boob Jobs -

I'm thinking he'll quit asking me right after that!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Family That Keeps on Giving...

Well, in this case, I wish they wouldn't -

Bree started to get a cold/sinus something on Sunday and spent the first 2 days of this week laying on the couch and using a box of puffs plus - Tuesday I started to feel 'hinkey' - Wed, Bill stayed home from work with it - and yesterday I thought my head was literally going to explode - the pressure was awful -

So, now am on some good decongestants (which I NEVER take unless I'm on my death bed) and cough syrup and my eyes are blurry and teary and an overall feeling of heart-racing type palpitations and feeling like I'm going to crawl out of my skin (from the decongestants), woozy, foggy thanks to a sinus and ear infection.

I wish Bree would have been SELFISH in this case and kept her g-erms to herself!

Pass me the can of Lysol please, this house needs to be disinfected so we don't continue to be so loving and pass it around a 2nd time!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Few FO's - that's a good thing....

The "secret" project is finished - and I can't post the picture... that makes TWO finished objects that I cannot post about - but, know that they are done!!!

But, here's a few things I CAN post about...

It's fall, let's admit it.. So, to kick off the new season - here's a cutie in honor of Hannibal the Deceased...

And a final picture of the fun I had making Gabi's (Paige's Niece) bootie socks - I had to get them completed so when I see Paige at the end of this month, I can give them to her


I have leftover yarn and bought a "solid" to match both that I think I'm going to try to make matching hats (gotta coordinate you know) - so, when she arrives in the US this fall/winter - she is 'stylin'!

Well, off to take some cough "stuff" - Bree got sinus/head cold this weekend and was home from school the beginning of the week, I started it yesterday and Bill is home today with it - So, I'll try NOT to spread cyber germs...

Friday, September 14, 2007

A new toy... And its not knitting needles either...

Well, why yes, I've been knitting a bunch.

I finished the 2nd Gabi baby sock (pictured in previous post) and had SO much fun doing them, made ANOTHER pair!

I started another pair of footies for Bree out of some really nice Claudia's Handpainted yarn - it is so so so soft, it just floats thru your hand - I think this is the softest, nicest to knit with yarn I've experienced yet.

I started a pumpkin that will be felted (out of malabrigo)- in honor of Paige's deceased "Hannibal"

I started a pair of dress socks for Bill but, the pattern didn't work well so frogged it, redid the cuff (1" worth) and still didn't work, so frogged it AGAIN - geesh, with all the knitting that was frogged, you'd think I'd have another sock by now.

The "secret" project is nearly finished - yippee, skippee...

BUT, my attention span has been short because I've been spending time riding HER:

"She" is a 3 year old Appaloosa Filly just out of reining training - got cut 2 months before the "big" show - which works out well for me! She is bay (color) and this picture just does not do her justice!

I've ridden her several times since around Labor Day and just had the Vet out to check her out to make sure she's all that she's supposed to be (without any surprises) for a 3 year old.

The interesting thing is that she is a 1/2 sister to Bree's Mare, Tessa, - same Dads, different Mom's. And on top of that, I started riding "her" the SAME week I started riding Tessa 3 years ago and they are the same age at the time I got Tess. How odd, kind of "co-inc-a-dinkly". I think it was an OMEN! HOWEVER, and it is a big HOWEVER, the neatest thing is that she does NOT try to bite my arm off (at least not yet is what people keep telling me) - now that being Tessa's sister says something!

I was telling my Mom about her today and of course, my Mom having witnessed Tess' dislike for me, FIRST thing asks me if she's tried to bite me... I laughed.

Now, I keep calling her a "her" and a "she" and "the filly" cause I haven't settled on a name yet - Kind of like "Jaycie" (pronounced JC) but not sure it fits. I really like Jessie (but feel way too corny having "Tess" and "Jess") but kind of when I see her I think Jess. It took me FOUR, yes, FOUR months to name Tessa so, I'm hoping to beat that record. Of course, any and all suggestions are welcome!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

A Pair of Socks (Literally) plus one

Well, as spoken about (more than once)- Here are the pictures of Sarah's very own sock pattern socks -

They are knit from Koigu (2 skeins) which I had 26 approx yards leftover on each - From cuff to heel flap was 5-1/2inches - I could have gone 6" - I used size 1 circs and like the density - It is interesting to see after doing the heel flap/heel turn and then gusset - how the colors pooled - then went back to striping - kind of funny how it is purple on one foot and orange on the other - Bree LOVES this color and if out and about, I've been told to find it so she can have a pair made - LOL!

Then I moved over to a Knitting At Noon pattern I purchased that included four different patterns - Bree picked the yarn - Cherry Tree Hill - it is a soft Turquoisey-Purple varigated - again with size 1 circs, this pattern is the 1st of the four (as I LOVE all four patterns) called Sorbet Cooler - pictures aren't the best as they are not of her wearing them - I have a TON of yarn left over and may use it to make "footies" for myself - or something -

I also have ONE Gabi bootie sock (using Sarah's Baby Claire's bootie sock pattern) finished! (done in one evening - these are SO much fun, so easy and SO SO quick!) I told Paige (Auntie to Gabi) that she may get MORE of them since I enjoyed making it so much and Gabi is the only little one I know of.. The sock is out of Cascade Fixation (this is so nice to work with) on size 3 circs - and since I haven't made the 2nd one (goal for this evening) I'm not sure how much yarn will be left over -

So, it is literally a pair of a pair of socks noted here today (plus one) -

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Just a simple update..

Figured since it is just after a holiday weekend, I'd update...

Not much to report.. I've been riding a 3 year old half sister to Bree's Mare trying to figure out if she's going to work for me. I like her and am working on get the vet scheduled to come out and check her out to insure she's all that I think she is. We tried to be on 'standby' over the weekend but that didn't work out, so now have to figure out when would be possible...

I finished my socks from Sarah's pattern - I think I wrote that already - LOL! I did take pics, just haven't downloaded them yet.

I am nearly finished with Bree's ankle socks out of Cherry Tree Hill using the Knitting At Noon pattern - I am REALLY liking the pattern. And the yarn looks swell too.

I picked up the yarn for Paige's Niece's baby booties that I'm going to knit using Sarah's Baby Claire pattern.

The "secret" project is moving along.

Tomorrow (Thursday) night, a group of us from our regular knitting group are going to LYS (the really friendly one) to take a free 2 hour workshop on Slip Stitch and Mosaic knitting - which I've never done. I'm looking forward to it to learn a new technique - but also VERY apprehensive as I think I'm going to want to jump right into a project to practice... Oy, the choices!

I'm also planning on my next project - I bought some very nice sock yarn that would look excellent in a pair of men's dress socks - so I think I will make them up for Bill.

A friend, Jen, (Knitting Like Crazy) - link is on my menu site (or will be momentarily) has dyed for me the most lucious pink and brown varigated sock yarn that will.. well... knock Bree's socks off - HA! (snuck that one in) - It will be awesome - Bree LOVES pink and brown combinations (remove the neon lime green from her closet and pink and brown become no 1) - and I saw on Jen's blog that she has some neat blue/turquoise and brown varigated yarn that I want as well - another Bree favorite! Jen's going to visit us next Tuesday at the knit group so, I'll get it from her then! Wahoo...

I also want to start (since Fall is coming) my felted clog pattern... I have to make a list of my project lineup - you know I just don't have a spreadsheet set up clearly for that - (note to self - git er done) - I simply must live up to my "spreadsheet queen" name you know...

Went to the library today to pick up a book I reserved - Janet Evanovich's latest "Lean Mean Thirteen" and I'm going to have to PACE myself - because I know I will curl up for the rest of the day (housework be damned) and read the WHOLE thing at once - (I must stay strong) - but, its OH OH OH so tempting...

Bailee goes to tomorrow for her grooming, I need to "pre-groom" her tonight - kind of like pre-cleaning before the cleaning lady comes (no, don't have a cleaning lady) - but you get the idea.

And Friday, I'm getting my hair groomed. I like the guy who cuts my hair (except when he butchers it or highlights it TOO much)- but, at $55 a pop (yes, yuppy-scumville prices) for a cut and style - I'm thinking Supercuts or Fantastic Sams is in my future - It's not like my hair does anything special - hell, it is so thin (past baby fine) that I don't think it would matter... I drag out getting it cut as LONG as possible (last time was in June before we went to Oklahoma - ha). And, it really doesn't matter these days with walking Bree to school and the humidity - It falls straight down in my face before I get to the end of the driveway. Then I end up trying to restyle 2 or more times throughout the day so it doesn't look like a mop (without much sucess I might add) if I go anywhere.

This Sunday is Bill and my 12th wedding anniversary - time has flown - he'll get a card - but never has the "need" or "want" for anything - heck for our 10th, I wanted him to pick out a new tv for the bedroom - we went to Best Buy and everything and he thought he saw a couple he liked but, wouldn't make a decision, and then decided that "we" didn't really need one. Or the time I bought him an XM radio receiver for his car (as his work was further away and he was going to be spending more time driving)- and I gave him a gift cert to pick out whether he wanted XM or Cirus - he said the regular radio was fine and returned it. So, I've learned NOT to try to buy him something. I know if he is out somewhere and sees something he wants, he'll buy it. (Just like I do) -

BUT, I did make a comment this weekend, that I wanted TWO (yes two) things.. I want one of those Ice Tea makers (I like ice tea instead of pop) and during the summer, make lots of sun tea - but harder to do when the weather changes - and I also want a blender designed specifically for crushing ice - as Bree and I have picked up a VERY expensive DAILY habit of a Starbuck's Frappucino (at $4 bucks a CUP) that nearly breaks the bank. So, I have a recipe to make them myself - but want a good ice crushing blender type thingie. So, even though it is TWO things - they're not BIG things..

Well, need to do some housework, before I curl up with either my book or sock knitting and totally lose my day -