Monday, February 9, 2009

Spumoni anyone?

I'm working on my 1st pair of socks for February - I have decided to 'limit' my sock knitting to 2 pair a month - I know - blasphemy... but it does allow me more time for knitting other projects too!

So, my Feb 1 start sock is a design by Charlene Schurch called Welt Fantastic - it's along a chevron line of pattern - the yarn is Socks That Rock - Lightweight - Color - Rare Gems and everyone who sees it says it reminds them of Spumoni Ice Cream - it has rich milk chocolate color, along with the pink strawberry flavoring and a neat mint green thrown in for good measure. Yesterday, I swear some of the gals were stopping at Baskin Robbins on the way home. Decide for yourself: (pics do not do the color justice, however)

So, the first sock is completed and I'm almost to the heel flap on no 2. I figure I can 'stretch' these out to the 15th so I can start pair no 2 for the month - it's nice that Feb is a short month too.. yippee..

On another good note, Bree's Michigan State basketball team won again on Saturday - 14-8 they played Northwestern. Bree had 3 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 knockaways and 2 shots off the rim. Not bad.

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Anonymous said...

Spumoni anyone?

Of Course ----- and I have some yarn that could qualify for that flavor too. You haven't seen it? Hehehe

And that GIRL ! ! ! ! The star I think.

Glad to hear. Enjoy Mom