Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I was doing so good...

I was doing so good about posting every couple of days - and then I slipped - I don't know why though -

I was talking to my Mom yesterday and she mentioned that she was 'rearranging' some furniture as she had an 'itch' to do so. That got me thinking... There are so many itches we hear about - the 7 year marriage itch, we are past that we are on year 14 - (does the 7 year itch go in multiples)?

The 'itch' to buy something? (Did that - see spinning wheel post) - at least I'm thinking that counts.

The 'itch' to join something? (Did that) - a friend is starting a Ladie's Night Out Bunco group - once a month - we start Friday, March 13 - is that an omen?

The 'itch' to rearrange furniture or house project type thingies... Ah... Now that one I can relate to - It's called the "10 year old house - everything seems to be breaking, dying or looking ugly" -

We are in our house 10 years this April. And in the past 2 months, my garbage disposal has decided to give up the ghost. (this is not something Bill can replace - he is not 'handy' - don't even get me started on this - it would be a PhD dissertion length post - not his fault though)

So, need to get a new disposal.

Two Cabinet hinges have 'sprung' - one door (where our kitchen garbage can goes - which is opened 100 times a day) will not stay shut - Socks has learned how to use his nose to open the cabinet now and see if anyone 'missed' hitting the garbage can. If you open the other cabinet door, it sounds like the pop of a handgun - when you forget and open it - it stops your heart. Plus, it has sufficiently freaked Socks out - that he goes into hiding if we forget and open it. His hiding spot is our Powderroom shower stall.

The grout in both Bree's bathroom shower and our shower is cracked and needs to be redone before we have water leakage behind it.

We have a floor to cathedral ceiling brick fireplace - the cement tuck pointing needs to be redone as it is cracking, drying or whatever it does and you find grit on the hearth.

Why does it seem that it all happens at once? Did the house magically say - hey, it's year 10 - time to cause the family issues? How does it know its time to breakdown? There are other things I'm missing too -

Well, I'm making a list, checking it twice and a handyman will have a field day here doing all the various repairs. What's next? Furnace, Water Heater, Air Conditioner - oh I must bite my tongue.

On another topic.. (is that allowed combining non-related topics?) I have finished a couple of knitting projects. I made these Thrum Mittens for Bree - for those non-knitters - you use roving (wool before it is spun into yarn) - in my case Romney Sheep roving and you break off pieces, roll into like a q-tip shape and knit with it every so many stitches. Thus, when you put your hands into the mittens - it is filled with warm sheep wool! And it is WARM... Very WARM! I used Cascade Ecological Wool for the mitten in a nice milk chocolate brown.

Here's a picture:

I also was asked/hired - LOL by Buc to make her a pair of clogs - They are drying (from being felted). They are a nice coal black and grass green!

I'll have another post catching up on Bree's Basketball soon!

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Anonymous said...

Ah! Ha! Santa Claus and Handy Andy just change clothes in the "off season" and check their lists about who is naughty and nice.

I hear ya! 7 yr, 14 yr and then 21yr itch and we haven't got that far yet and already ---------Financial Freddy is needed along with Handy Andy.

SGears---mittens look great----and those clogs will please your "client".

Basketball is next--------! ! !

Enjoy Mom