Friday, June 29, 2007

Top 5 for me...

Just a quick post as it is after 11pm, I'm whooped and we're heading back home early tomorrow am...

My team penning team (that sounds so odd) took 5th place today - I am pretty stoked! We were 2nd going into the finals and did not have a good run, thus we dropped to 5th - but, that's how it goes -

I'm excited as I will be ordering my Top 5 Buckle (my first truly earned buckle!!!!)

So, see all my knitting buddies on Sunday - I'll be tired but looking forward to seeing everyone!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Deja'vu - Ground Hog Day... Two more 8th Places

Another two events with 8th places - I think we should play the lottery or go to Vegas - what are the odds of placing four times in the 8th position in classes of 32 or more 4 times in a row??? How funny.

Bree did fantastic in both her events today improving her times over last year and we couldn't be happier with the outcomes!

Well, that wraps up her part of the show with four Top 10 finishes!

We have an "off" day tomorrow then I ride Friday morning at 9am...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Deja'vu another 8th in poles

Bree rode fantastic again today - she placed 8th in an event that last year she got DQ'd for her horse loping - so this is awesome - her best time ever...

Her time this year would have placed her in fifth place last year - the competition this year is so much tougher!!!

Tomorrow is her favorite event (keyhole) and also Fig 8 stakes - they start as the first class at 10am...

Paige made it down here - poor thing, her flight was quite delayed that she didn't even get to the hotel until 1:45am - so, we picked up some lunch and we're all taking a nap - LOL... Then off to do some shopping then a nice steak dinner!

It's been raining with isolated thunder storms since yesterday afternoon - ick.. We got soaked walking from our barn to the arena..

Monday, June 25, 2007

Bree took 8th in Barrels...

Just a quick update...

Bree took 8th in Barrels out of 32 riders.. The web cam feed is working - she is number 967 and will have the same number throughout the show...

Bill and I are SO proud of her.. The horses who beat her have all either won or taken 2nd in the past and she is about the only rider who has put every mile on her horse - (no trainer, not a "finished" games horse) - and that means as much to us as any ribbon she gets...

Her ribbon is proudly displayed in our room -

Tomorrow is poles and they are the first class at 9am...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Watch out OKC, we're here...

I was trying to remember a line from the show "Oklahoma" - but my memory fails me..

We arrived safe and sound around 10pm last night - by the time we got the trailers unloaded and the 11 horses bedded, watered, grained and hayed we hit the hotel at midnight - and what a piece of crap the hotel was (notice the past tense?) The Biltmore Hotel in OKC is NOT anything like it advertised... We were missing dresser drawers (the entire drawers were missing) as well as not the "block" of 9 rooms in the courtyard by the pool that we were PROMISED - It was "icky" - not icky in a Kate kind of way with roaches or anything - but, just gawd awful...

So, today we were able to move to the hotel that we had stayed at in the past years (when we called back in January, they said they were booked) so, that's the reason we switched...

But, now, we are nestled into the Best Western Saddleback and are happy little clams..

Bree's horse, Tessa, is fine and dandy, and she stretched and warmed her up tonight before getting a nice refreshing bath! The temps here are COOLER than in Chicago - but, the humidity would make you think NOT... But, that's ok! We're consuming tons of water!

First class tomorrow is Barrels - and Bree should be riding around 10am (I'm guessing here) - there are 2 classes before hers which start at 8:30am.. so, just estimating on the class sizes how long before her class will start. She's excited and nervous all in one! (This is not her "best" class but she's been working very hard on this one!)

I have the digital camera batteries charging as well as the video cam. I'm excited to have an ethernet connection in my hotel room vs NOTHING at the other ick hotel... So, I'll be able to check in and such!

Well, off to bed, we have an early morning tomorrow..

Toodles from OKC

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Going.. Going.. Gone in 2 days...

Well, we leave Saturday morning for Oklahoma City for the Appaloosa Youth World Show and the Appaloosa National Show (the adult version). Not sure we are "ready", but in showing are you ever?

I have my 3 knitting projects lined up: Bill's 2nd sock (just started so I don't have to fiddle with getting it going), The Fiber Trends Sheep Tote (just started so I don't have to fiddle with getting it going) and I'm taking the Koigu with size 2 needles (calls for size 3's) and this pattern..

So, I think I'm set in that regard...

Here's the schedule for the show:

Bree rides:

Monday in Y314 Walk/Trot Camas Prairie Stump Race, 10 & Under (this is barrels) - she is in the 3rd class of the day (the day starts at 8:30am) - it is hard to judge what time she'll actually ride since you don't know how many kids are in the first 2 classes in front of hers...

Tuesday in Y315 Walk/Trot Nez Perce Stake Race, 10 & Under (this is pole bending) - this is the first class of the day and starts at 9am

Wednesday in Y317 Walk/Trot Figure Eight Stake Race, 10 & Under (this is a version of pole bending whereby they leave the "end" poles and remove the middle ones and you have to ride a figure 8 around the end poles) - this is the first class of the day and starts at 10am

ALSO on Wednesday in Y316 Walk/Trot Keyhole Race, 10 & Under (this is where they draw with "flour" a diagram that looks like a skeleton key KEYHOLE on the ground and you have to run into the center, turn around, and run back out WITHOUT touching any of the lines - the "center" is I believe 18 feet wide and the "neck" is only 4 feet - it is tricky) - This is Bree's favorite event (the event she took 4th in the Nation in last year - this is the 4th class of the day (again hard to judge timing - but my guess is one to two hours after her first class)

On Friday, I ride in the O260 Team Penning which starts at 9am - the team penning is where you have 30 head of cows in the arena. The cows have "collars" on with numbers 0 thru 9 (3 of each number) - you have 3 riders on a team - the goal is to get the 3 cows with the number the announcer calls out to you OUT of the herd of 30 and "herd" them down to the other end and put them in a "smaller" pen - WITHOUT allowing any of the other 27 to cross a "foul" line which is ONLY about 1/3rd of the way away from where the cows are to start with - This is also a timed event - the team with the fastest time wins - (alot harder than sounds - as the cows are ALWAYS very skittish and as an animal with a herd mentality like to stay together - finding your 3 out of the 30 and keeping them away from the others is the challenge)

They haven't listed the link yet for the webcam - but, if you click on this link and look at the menu - there is one option titled "web cam"


You should be able to click on that option to view...

Ok, now how will you know which one is Bree? Well, here are a couple of pictures of her riding in OKC last year - she will be wearing the same "colors" and has the same horse -

I will also be riding her horse this year in my event..

So... keep your fingers crossed for a fun, safe, successful show! And we'll see ya on the flip side!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Crazy Days - Horses and Knitting

Well, these days we are spending at the barn, nearly non-stop since we leave on the 23rd for the "big" show in Oklahoma City. The heat is pressing here - but I guess that's a good thing as the horses will be used to "hot" and not be so affected once we're there.

While Bree is working with the trainer, I've been working on SOCKS. Yes, SOCKS (2 of them) - I have Bill's first sock all knitted, except have to get some guidance on taking out the waste yarn for the Afterthought heel. And I didn't want to start the 2nd sock for two reasons - 1) I don't want the needles in use when I get the guidance for the heel and 2) I may make adjustments in size on the 2nd one in order to insure he can get it over his ankle with all the hardware in it - it's a bit tight on that leg - I figure once the heel is in on the first one, I'll have him try it on so I can get a better indication of how much bigger I may need to make it - So, that's on hold until Tuesday night - and then I can work on it in OKC.

In the meantime, I've been working on the Jaywalkers on the size 1 Addi lace needles - not sure if I'm liking this pattern or not. Oh, it looks "good", but not sure I'm enjoying doing it. Ok, I'm NOT enjoying it - the slip 2tog and knit one and psso is a pia - I knit so tight that I struggle getting it over and yes, I've loosened up QUITE a bit and still hate doing it. Maybe, "hate" is too strong of word, how about seriously dislike..

I also have to figure out what size needles to work the Koigu on (thinking 2's - since I have them) and have to decide on a pattern... Note to self: must be something without a slip 2tog, k1, psso -

I figure I need at least THREE projects to take to OKC - just in case I either a) finish one, b) get stuck on one or c) get bored with one... A little variety in life can't hurt..

I also need to "practice" knitting in the car (see if I can do it without getting car sick as I'm REALLY REALLY bad about that) - I figure maybe a dramamine would help... haha - I'd hate NOT to be able to take advantage of a 13 hour car ride without knitting... Heck if I figure out HOW to do this, I may need to take FOUR projects.. it'd be the most UFO's I've ever had going - and wouldn't my knitting enablers be SO proud!

Plus, I've been busy with the Silent Auction - Hopefully, some fiber folks will jump on the Alpaca!

So, back to horses and knitting. The countdown is T minus 5-1/2 days. Also, anyone who's interested - they have the classes on a streaming video - I'll get the link, times, dates and what not posted if anyone is so inclined to watch...

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Silent Auction... Crafts and Horses

Again, I have the opportunity to combine horses and crafts... Yippee, that makes me happy...

Two of my friends who are "horse people" have been diagnosed with cancer. One with Breast Cancer to which she is fighting well! I was going to knit her a chemo cap, but, being horse people... I found in Vicki Square's "Folk Hat" Book, a knitted then felted cowboy hat.. It was made with Malabrigo Chunky in Roanoke (color) and used roughly 210 yards..

I also had enough left over of the yarn, that I made her a matching chemo "purse" for something small to take instead of lugging a big purse around -

The other gal, Connie, is fighting Lung Cancer that traveled to her brain and this spring had a brain tumor removed and is fighting with all her might.

Well, to assist in the humungous costs of treatment, etc.. I put together an "online silent auction" with all proceeds going to the both of them.

Well, another one of my "horse friends" lives in Upstate New York and raises ALPACAS (yes, you read that right) for fiber.. and knowing my knitting frenzy - has donated RAW fiber from her shearing this year - there are THREE different lots of fiber!!!!! One is a black/gray and has 5lbs, another is a medium brown and is 2lbs 9oz and the last is a white at 2lbs...

I forwarded this information to my knitting group, but, thought there has to be MORE ways to pass this information along to the spinners of the world!!! So, I figured this is a good start and if all the yarn / knitting enthusiasts who may see this posted it on their blog then some bids might come for the fiber thus benefiting these two great ladies!

There are also a couple of crocheted/knitted items as well and we will accept items at any time to get added to the auction. Here's the link: (for some unknown reason, I cannot get the link to show up via the blog format)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Riddle Me This...

How is it that I can start a pair of socks on size 1 dpn's and totally make a mess of it, rip it out, do it again, make another mess, have Miss Sarah fix it for me, and make ANOTHER mess out of it..

Then within 24 hours start a different pair of socks on size 3 circs (one sock on 2 circs) with worsted weight yarn (wool for hubby) and just CRUISE along....

What is it about socks on dpn's that is so riddling to me? I've done numerous projects using dpn's (in my 4 months and 25 days of knitting) from leg warmers to sleeves, to mittens to other "stuff" and yet, this sock thing on dpn's is a mess to me?

I'm not going to have a choice in becoming the Queen of converting sock patterns from dpn's to circs - Now, that's a riddle in its own right - At least for a while since the IL sock rage has me with at least 5 or 6 "stashes" of sock yarn waiting for needles... (circular ones that is)

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Gone, Been There and BOUGHT it...

Well, we had a wonderful day today. Sarah, Kate, Cindy, Val and I trekked to Indiana to Sarah's favorite yarn shop - Sheep's Clothing in Valparaiso, IN. And Yeup, I bow to her knowledge (as usual), it was utterly overwhelming.

Funny how ALL of us, walked in and we were ALL at the sock yarn immediately. We have been on a sock frenzy here in IL - don't ask me why - That is ALL Sarah's fault! She had a "thing" about socks until she went to the Orient and has been on a rampage ever since, and we all know how knitting is contagious!

We started off with lunch in Merrilville at Don Pablo's - phenom food with mouth watering desert! Holy cow, we waddled out of there (THANK YOU VAL!!!) and 20 min later we were petting yarn.

I think I was the big winner (don't tell my hubby), but I purchased some Cascade Quatro for my Fiber Trends Sheep Tote, yarn for the Fiber Trends Clogs (along with the pattern), some neat sock yarn (as if I need more) but Sarah RAVES over Koigu, so, heck when in Rome... I also purchased some neat chunky wool that was on sale and am going to make Bree a nifty felted backpack!

I am having SERIOUS withdrawals of not finding Malabrigo chunky at any LYS. That is really bothering me and that is not a good thing either, as I will end up getting on an "I'm going to find it if it kills me" mission - and THAT is NEVER a good thing!

Of course, after taking a stroll down Kate's and Sarah's memory lane (drive thru the Valpo campus), we were jonesing for something sweet and since they have an Oberweiss (local dairy store with awesome treats), we of course had to indulge ourselves. I had a carmel, vanilla coffee cooler and it was gone in a snap (or slurp).

We had an uneventful drive both there and back and the "riders" (since I drove) took advantage of the knitting time - I'm SO jealous of them being able to do that! (I'd be sicker than a dog!)

My knitting frenzy has been renewed with lots of additional stash and so, off I am to get to it!

Thanks to Sarah, Kate and Val for their ever so nice and patient help to Cindy and I in picking out yarns, helping us figure yardage and coaching us as to what would work and not work! We'd be lost without you guys!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Ready, Set, Go...

Tomorrow, there are a group of knitting gals (me included) going to Sarah's favorite knitting store near Valparaiso, IN (can you say roadtrip?). She says it's the BEST! (Check back tomorrow night or Sunday for "review")

So, today, being the organized, structured, stay within the lines, right-brained (ok anal retentive) person that I am, has been spent updating my Excel spreadsheet with my "stash" yarn, needle inventory, pattern books and "to do wishlists". I have them printed out and ready to GO.

I'm trying to be proactive thinking ahead to "gifts" that will need to be completed for birthdays, Christmas and the like.

Bree wants me to make the Peek A Boo mittens (like hers) for her friends at the barn - ok, Cascade Quatro - check. I'd like to make a pair of felted clogs for myself - hmmm - no pattern - put it on the list along with yarn to complete. Maybe those would be a nice gift for my Mom too - Mom close your eyes and don't read that last sentence. Bill's double knit Notre Dame hat is done and yarn is purchased for some Florida State socks that he ASKED for (isn't that cool) after he saw my first pair of socks - He figures on football days, he'll wear the Notre Dame hat AND his FL State socks - too funny - picture will definitely be taken.

My Brother already received a camoflauge neck warmer and is always cold... Note to self to look for warm ideas for him. My SIL - no clue, my Niece, no clue - they live in Southern IL and don't really need "warm things". And my Dad - well, he just wants a new truck - wait, he got one of those - wonder what's on his list these days (besides a million dollars that is)..

I'll have to pester Miss Kate for what kind of yarn she used for her bathmat - I really like that picture! Turned out great - she's knitting up a storm lately.

Then there's stash yarns that I bought either because they were just too great of a deal to pass up (closeout - at least 60% off) OR because I just had to have it because it was so soft, or my color, or just because - and I need to find patterns for it...

Sheep tote - that's another thing I need yarn for - (don't' have enough yardage in any of my stash yarns for that) -

So, if you're family, friends or the like and think I should make you something as a gift - let me know before tomorrow!