Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thanks to Paige!

My thanks go to Paige for gently prodding me to join Facebook. I finally did a few short weeks ago, and I'm delighted to say how very cool it is!

I've reconnected with high school friends whom I haven't seen/heard from in 25+ years (yes, I am that old), and reconnected with friends I had stayed in contact with but, over the past few years, lost contact.

I've found that many are still in the general Chicagoland area and some have very similar families (kids around the same age), interests and are happy to get reacquainted again also!

Yesterday, Brenda, Marcia and I actually met for lunch up in South Barrington at a wonderful place Brenda selected called, Millrose Restaurant and Brewing. The decor is rustic/cabin-like on the inside and the food was great.

The best part was that the 3 of us sat and talked like it was 2 days after graduation! We talked about family, our memories from school (grade school on up), teachers, and current interests! Brenda and her hubby started a PT Cruiser Club up near McHenry and Marcia and I both KNIT! Who knew? We even brought our current knitting projects to share! Marcia is now inspired to try socks (ha - the good enabler I am) and on her way home stopped at Gene Ann's in Barrington and purchased a sock book, sock yarn, sock needles (and some other yarn too)! I cannot wait to see her progress!

We've decided when the weather breaks and we can arrange a day without time constraints (Marcia and I both had to head back to pick up our kids from school), we are going to try to gather as many folks as we can for a get together!

It was a great day! I am so glad I joined Facebook and it was fantastic to see Marcia and Brenda again and I cannot wait to see more old (in time, not age) friends!

(Ps - can you believe NONE of us brought a camera? AND, I didn't even think until last night about the camera on my cell phone - I know - bad me)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My new toy!

This past week, I received a late Christmas present, an early birthday present and even earlier Christmas (this year's Christmas) present.

I am now the owner of a Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel! It is all set up and ready to go - I just need to get some 'practice' fiber to spin with which will hopefully occur this week!

In the meantime, I am trying to finish up some of my knitting list projects as I know this will cut in on my knitting time - or I'm going to petition for longer days to be able to do both equally!

I wasn't going to purchase a wheel, but came across this deal and even Bill agreed it was just too too good of a deal to pass up!

I'm going to be scheduling some spinning classes for both Bree and I as she has decided to forge her own 'yarn-making' business! Such an Entrepreneur!

Stay tuned for progress!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Games - BBall and Puzzles and some knitting

This is going to be a quick update - A 'new toy' will be up in the next day or so!

But, the Michigan State girls lost their game yesterday to the Illini (14-4)- they did not play well at all. There seemed to be about 50 turnovers. (Thankfully, Bree did NOT turnover the ball) - but, the other team were 'scrappers' - they wanted it more and our girls HAVE to learn that once they cross half court (in this age group/league - you are not allowed to defend until crossing half court) - that they either A) MUST keep their dribble - they seem to want to stop 1 foot over the half court line and then the other girls are in their positions and not many come up to help out and B) If you DO stop 1 foot past the half court line you do NOT hold the ball in front of you like offering a gift.

Bree had 2 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 knock away and 2 shots off the rim/board -

She actually handles the ball very well and is patient to wait for the team to set up their play that the coach calls out BEFORE crossing the half court line!

She is learning to defend her person BEFORE that person has the ball and to anticipate if the person may be involved in the play.

I've also completed 2 puzzles and will now need to find more to do. They are like therapy - kind of like my knitting - keeps my mind on task and blocks out everything else (which can be good and bad, especially if I have other things I really should be doing)

Here's a pic of the last one - I cannot find where I saved the other one - eh, no biggie
And finally, my other form of therapy! Finished this pair of socks called Welt Fantastic by Charlene Schurch, from her book Sensational Knitted Socks, made from Socks That Rock Lightweight color called "Rare Gems". Bree's modeling them - but made more for me - thus why they look a tad big on her.

After I finished these on Wednesday, I started a pair of Jaywalker gauntlets for Bree's Teacher. Bree has a pair of these made from Cascade Fixation and one day she wore them to school and her teacher just loved them - so Bree asked if I could make her a pair. Had to modify my design that I made for Bree's - both in size and the fact that the yarn she picked out to use - was not stretchy like the yarn used in hers - so, Thursday I worked on it and completed the first one on Friday and am about 90% complete on the second one. (I'm already thinking, "What should I knit next?" hahaha

This is Socks That Rock in Mediumweight in the color called "In The Navy" and the pattern is modified from Grumperina's Jaywalker sock pattern and a typical mitten thumb gusset with ribbing on the end of the thumb sleeve as well as the finger tips.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This is pretty cool... And hits home for so many!

My Mom, who all have read about, sent me this link - I think she got it thru some quilting threads and I thought it was awesome! In her email of this link, she asked if us 'knitters' could top this...

I don't know - but, these are fantastic - take a look!

Breast cancer hits home for so many of us. My Mom is a survivor going on 8+ years now! Yippee!

What a great group from South Carolina paying tribute to 'ta-tas'!

Enjoy the photos and the artwork - all hand made!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It finally arrived...

So, now I can post it... It only took roughtly 17 days shipped PRIORITY mail (which they said 2-3 days) -

It was kind of an early birthday present for Miss Paige - encompassing 3 of her favorite things -

The Illini

It's made with cascade superwash wool (so it can be washed) -

Too bad it didn't arrive when it was supposed to - she could have used it during the awfully cold weather they had!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Spumoni anyone?

I'm working on my 1st pair of socks for February - I have decided to 'limit' my sock knitting to 2 pair a month - I know - blasphemy... but it does allow me more time for knitting other projects too!

So, my Feb 1 start sock is a design by Charlene Schurch called Welt Fantastic - it's along a chevron line of pattern - the yarn is Socks That Rock - Lightweight - Color - Rare Gems and everyone who sees it says it reminds them of Spumoni Ice Cream - it has rich milk chocolate color, along with the pink strawberry flavoring and a neat mint green thrown in for good measure. Yesterday, I swear some of the gals were stopping at Baskin Robbins on the way home. Decide for yourself: (pics do not do the color justice, however)

So, the first sock is completed and I'm almost to the heel flap on no 2. I figure I can 'stretch' these out to the 15th so I can start pair no 2 for the month - it's nice that Feb is a short month too.. yippee..

On another good note, Bree's Michigan State basketball team won again on Saturday - 14-8 they played Northwestern. Bree had 3 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 knockaways and 2 shots off the rim. Not bad.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wingspan.. Jan 31 - They WON!

I figured I better get the info out on last Saturday's game before today's game is played - sorry - my bad...

Well they WON! 12-10. This was exciting! Because last year, this team rolled over our team!

The girls played tough, came from behind and pulled it out within the last 45 seconds!

When I saw this picture (let me explain first), I had to laugh. It is all about 'wingspan'. I didn't realize how 'wide' of a wingspan Bree actually has. You have to understand that Bill is about 6'1". But, for his height, he is short armed. You know how they say that your arm (wingspan) from fingertip to fingertip should be the same as your height (less for those of us who don't always stand up the straightest)? Well, Bill must be the exception to the rule as it doesn't work out mathematically for him. He only wears a 32-33 inch length shirt.

Looking at this picture, Bree's arms seem to grow out of her sides forever - I never realized that - I've seen her play BBall and taken shots like this before, but maybe its the angle or lighting - I don't know..

Anyway, here's the picture:

And one on offense for good measure.

Their game today is a 1pm - they have team pictures this morning at 10am!

Monday, February 2, 2009

In Accordance with

In accordance with the 'over-analyzing', 'spreadsheet queen' (named by Paige), and the curious side of me, I like to do jigsaw puzzles. Seems like every year around December - I start to get the urge to do puzzles - usually they are between 1,000 and 1,500 pieces. Maybe its the cold weather - I don't know. But, I do.

In 2007, when the group of us went to Indian Creek (Cason's place), her Mom was working on one - I asked first (because some folks do NOT want you helping with their puzzles) and we spent some time working on it together. Paige laughed her arse off because naturally like any good analytical (ok, obsessive) mind works, I lined up ALL the pieces in rows and columns all facing the same way just like a spreadsheet. She thought this was just hysterical coupled with her knowledge already of my spreadsheet obsession-ess. I think she even took a picture.

Bree starts out helping me, but, then moves on to something else.

I finished this puzzle around the 20th of January, started the 2nd one, finished that one today (no pics yet), and am going to start the next one - hmm.. maybe when I'm done posting this, or tonight - we'll see.

I like the quiet thinking searching for that ONE piece that looks like no other, looking at the connector tips and divets, trying to match colors and seeing if it can beat me.

If you notice in the puzzle, a piece is missing. No, it's not really missing, Bree took it out AFTER I finished the puzzle and hid it - so that she could say SHE finished the puzzle... LOL! I think its evenier funnier because I think I used to do this too.

So, here's the puzzle pic - gotta run to start the 3rd one (after I take pics of course before I destroy this one).