Sunday, February 15, 2009

Games - BBall and Puzzles and some knitting

This is going to be a quick update - A 'new toy' will be up in the next day or so!

But, the Michigan State girls lost their game yesterday to the Illini (14-4)- they did not play well at all. There seemed to be about 50 turnovers. (Thankfully, Bree did NOT turnover the ball) - but, the other team were 'scrappers' - they wanted it more and our girls HAVE to learn that once they cross half court (in this age group/league - you are not allowed to defend until crossing half court) - that they either A) MUST keep their dribble - they seem to want to stop 1 foot over the half court line and then the other girls are in their positions and not many come up to help out and B) If you DO stop 1 foot past the half court line you do NOT hold the ball in front of you like offering a gift.

Bree had 2 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 knock away and 2 shots off the rim/board -

She actually handles the ball very well and is patient to wait for the team to set up their play that the coach calls out BEFORE crossing the half court line!

She is learning to defend her person BEFORE that person has the ball and to anticipate if the person may be involved in the play.

I've also completed 2 puzzles and will now need to find more to do. They are like therapy - kind of like my knitting - keeps my mind on task and blocks out everything else (which can be good and bad, especially if I have other things I really should be doing)

Here's a pic of the last one - I cannot find where I saved the other one - eh, no biggie
And finally, my other form of therapy! Finished this pair of socks called Welt Fantastic by Charlene Schurch, from her book Sensational Knitted Socks, made from Socks That Rock Lightweight color called "Rare Gems". Bree's modeling them - but made more for me - thus why they look a tad big on her.

After I finished these on Wednesday, I started a pair of Jaywalker gauntlets for Bree's Teacher. Bree has a pair of these made from Cascade Fixation and one day she wore them to school and her teacher just loved them - so Bree asked if I could make her a pair. Had to modify my design that I made for Bree's - both in size and the fact that the yarn she picked out to use - was not stretchy like the yarn used in hers - so, Thursday I worked on it and completed the first one on Friday and am about 90% complete on the second one. (I'm already thinking, "What should I knit next?" hahaha

This is Socks That Rock in Mediumweight in the color called "In The Navy" and the pattern is modified from Grumperina's Jaywalker sock pattern and a typical mitten thumb gusset with ribbing on the end of the thumb sleeve as well as the finger tips.


Anonymous said...

Did ya hear me scream on Saturday? But to no avail as "we" lost anyhow.

I NEED, WANT that sock pattern for my WHITE SOX yarn.

Git it dun!!!

before the "new toy" takes over.
Enjoy Mom

Lorna said...

The pattern is leaving her tomorrow am in the box