Saturday, April 26, 2008

I know it is Spring, because...

For the first time in several years, our Magnolia tree BLOOMED.. In the past it wold start to bloom and then we'd get another cold snap and it would freeze all the buds and then they would die... This year, we had enough warm days in a row that it was able to bud AND bloom.. It is SO pretty, and I love the way it is white showing up against our new front door... Take a peek.. It is getting SO huge - when we first bought and planted it, roughly 8 years ago, it was shorter than me. Now it's reaching up to the second story windows!

And I ALSO know it is Spring because we had a hell of a storm last night and there is not one petal left on the tree (rain, hail and winds of 25mph+) will do that to a pretty Magnolia..

Now, we have to wait for the flowering Bradford Pear, the flowering Crab Bush and a beautiful scented flowering Crab Tree to bloom....

Friday, April 25, 2008

Self Cleaning Horses...

Well, you know there are self cleaning ovens and I'm sure there are other "self-cleaning" things (kids would be a plus - ha) - but, I have proof that there are self cleaning HORSES! Yes, HORSES>..

I was at the barn to take pictures of a new sale string for my buddy whose website I manage and he was tied up so I was just going to help out - so I started to fill the water tubs for the outside horses... In the big outside hose there is this itty bitty pinprick size hole... and it sprays up a little bit.. I had forgotten that.

So, I moved the hose into the mare's tank and the little leak was spraying toward the paddock..

So, Bandi - my buddy's mom's Quarter Horse (who we affectionately refer to as the big black lab - as she is that friendly) - decides to "clean herself" - I hope in these blog photos you can see the stream of water.. It was HYSTERICAL - I'm putting them in order - she stood there for goodness, I don't know how long and washed her face!

It was hysterical!

And speaking of horses.. Here's a gratuitous shot of my filly - Jessie - She NEVER misses a chance for a scritch when she sees me - It's so nice to have one who comes to see you everytime!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The "Me" Knitting...

Well, I snuck in a few things for myself amongst all the other knitting being done!

First is a modular scarf called "ZigZag" Scarf by Iris Schrier utilizing Jen's most lucious worsted superwash wool yarn died to my perfection and appropriately she named it "Lorna's Blue Jeans" -

Also, a pair of socks titeld Broadripple made out of Cascade Fixation in once again (do you see a pattern here?) the Blue Jean colorway (#9030) - These socks are SO nice and soft - and with the little bit of elastic in them make them nice and stretchy! And Yes, that is Bree modeling the socks (keeping in mind that she is only 1/2 size behind me!)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

American Girl Doll Day...

It's American Girl Doll knit item Sunday. HA!

I knit these items for Bree's Doll and perhaps to teach at Peggy's should anyone sign up - they are just adorable!

This is a cute little lace up V-neck Tunic made from Encore Colorspun Worsted weight (acrylic for throwing in the washing machine!)

Being Spring, prom must be right around the corner, so I made Bree's doll a Prom Dress - this is out of Plymouth's Baby Alpaca Worsted Glow yarn (same as Bree's Bolero - only different color) - It has a little metallic fleck in it and makes it glimmer - I love working with this yarn - very nice! And with a cute hairdo, this AG Girl is ready for prom!

Then when prom is over and its time to sleep, she's already to curl up in a soft, comfy robe! This is made using Plymouth's Heaven yarn in 2 colors (lavendar solid and a multi-white) - It is a fun knit and is so adorable!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bree's "stuff" - knitting this time!

It's been a while since I posted pictures of knitted goodies and there are alot of them.. so, I am going to do them in batches...

This one is all Bree's goodies!

These are some soft comfy footies, she just loves this pattern! It's a cotton/elastic yarn in some fun colors!

A cute little top made from some completely lucious baby alpaca with a little metallic fleck in it!

More footwear for Bree (she's growing like a weed and her shoe size in ONLY 1/2 size less than mine - she's 10 for goodnes sake!) This is out of Jen's yarn, a superwash wool!

Again with the cotton/elastic yarn makes for the softest and warm wrist warmers (or arm warmers, elbow warmers, etc..) I converted the Jaywalker sock pattern to fit her arms and it was a great and fun knit!

So, that's the start!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A whole new look...

I read some very interesting blogs by folks who have much going on in their lives. I live a simple existence without much "news" on a daily basis. That being said, it just doesn't leave much to blog about.

My days are very similar to the movie "Groundhog Day" - kind of get up and it is the same old same old.

I would like to ask a question though. What the heck is it with me and "tradespeople"???? (scroll back about the great microwave fiasco).

Well, our new front door that we ordered back in OCTOBER (yes, about 6 months ago) has finally been installed rivaling the microwave installation debacle. But, instead of ranting and raving and spewing like a lunatic which I've done already, I'm taking the path of less resistance and am just posting these 2 pictures.

There is SUPPOSED to be a "storm" door in this picture - but said contractor didn't get to it "that" day...

From the inside:

I am quite amazed at how much light in allows in, yet you cannot see thru the leaded glass - it actually has like an 85% privacy rating! I am excited. Except, now I have to deal with ANOTHER tradesman to do the staining/varnishing etc.. all of the new trim work. I'm not good at that type of stuff - ya think I would be with a tradesman for a Dad... Am NOT looking forward to that step!