Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No new posts.. because

I've been fighting the crud. Don't know where I got it, whom from, nor why, but I do - started as a sinus headache, which proceeded to days of constant sneezing, to a runny nose with stuffed up head and sinus headache and now has decided to have coughing jump on the band wagon -

Normally, crud is supposed to "run its course" as my Mom used to say and that when it traveled from one place to another that was a good thing. So, if it's "spreading" like a bad rash to all these places but NOT leaving the places previously occupied, I supposed that this could not be called a "good thing".

I'm sick of it already and it started last Thursday night with the headache. Today is Wednesday - ENUF already... and to top it all off, Bill has his company Christmas dinner this Friday night. Now, it's a small affair as there are only like a dozen people in his office - so if everyone brought a spouse or so, there would be 24 (if my brain is computing math correctly)

It will be the first time meeting all of these people, and I'm going to be looking like Rudolph with a big, red, bulb nose, that's PEELING from being SO dry (even though I have used a box of Puff Plus with the lotion on top of putting on lotion a gazillion times a day) and then as I shake their hands be hacking all over them, with watery, bloodshot eyes that will have them gossiping for weeks as to what drugs I might be imbibing and let's not talk about the voice...

Fun, huh? Just about as fun as washing my damn glasses off after everytime I blow my nose as the lotion from the puffs plus smears on them and trying to actually "see" out of them is an impossibility.

The only thing I have to say is NUF - which my Mom used to say as it is FUN spelled backwards and she would say that when we had to quit playing. I'm done playing with this.