Monday, May 19, 2008

Finished Projects...

I needed to get some photos of some finished objects (which I finally did now that I can stand up without falling down...) and just to show that I have actually finished some things of recent.. This is just a pictorial (not much else going on...)

So, first is a pair of socks called "Raindrop Lace" by Fiber Trends - love the pattern and am actually going to be starting another pattern by the same designer. The yarn is Pagewood Farms with bamboo in it - it is SO soft! in a neat blue-ish, green-ish, brown-ish color way...

Next is a "modular" scarf called Diamond Blossom - this is a whole new "technique" that I've now completed 3 different designs - I LOVE this technique it is SO SO SO "me" as in being "precise", "right-brained" and all that! I need to find some other designers who do similar stuff as this particular designer does not write patterns well nor has them "test" knit before publishing (or at least it doesn't seem so as all 3 have had numerous errors in them which makes for very frustrating knitting) - Too bad this designer doesn't hire me to test knit - smartest thing she could do knowing how "particular" I am on instructions!

It is made with Mountain Colors Wool in some nice gold fall tones and it is actually a pretty neat design. I didn't make it with anyone in mind, so... You'll never know who might end up with it... Another photo close up of the pattern...

Next up is 2 items to be sent (should be mailed tomorrow) to my favorite newest American Citizen... Can you guess whom? Every "cuddler" should have a "cuddle blanket and cuddle bunny"!!!! The blanket is actuall crocheted kind of using the log cabin principle or per Miss Sarah - the "golden rectangle" theory - It is using Bernat's Cotton Tots in a white varigated and 3 solids that are actually yellow, pink and lavendar - colors in the picture are not accurate. It is a fast, fast, fast project (2-1/2 days) and is roughly 36x44". The bunny is by Farmhouse yarns - Dixie Cotton in a bumpy and is SO soft and little bunny is in a peach color! (Pattern free via Lion Brand)!

And the most current pair of socks - Called Pomatomus - Paige - you should know what that means.. being the under water lover you are.. do you know? This is probably the most complex design of socks I've done to date and I absolutely LOVED doing them!!! They are made with yarn called "Socks That Rock" in the Bleeding Heart (like the flower) colorway - they are awesome!!! There's a previous picture in a below post of when I started them!

And lastly, since I loved the socks above - I immediately started another pattern from the same designer named "Cookie A" and the sock pattern is titled "Monkeys" - I am using Socks That Rock yarn again in a colorway called Foofaraw - which I love saying.. Bree spied them today and she has stated she is claiming them for herself.. We shall see....

Bridget who owns Peggy's made me the most adorable stitch markers (for my birthday) with pretty blue jean/ denim like stones and horse charms! They are fantastic! And I'll be eating good at Applebee's thanks to Jilly Willy and Becky and the gang brought a "too die for cake" (marble with FUDGE inside and chocolate icing) and all sorts of snacks, appetizers and the like yesterday and I think I'm still stuffed! It was fun!

Well, that's all to report for now!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Wheels on the bus...

Ok, so it's not the wheels on the bus that go round and round - but, instead, for me, the ROOM, HOUSE and WORLD go round and round - Oy, I am a dizzy blonde!

A sinus infection that led to an inner ear infection that led to vertigo have my world and everything in it going round and round -

Like drunken bed spins (without the benefit of having tasted alcohol)
Like being on an airplane in turbulence
Like being on a boat in the middle of a storm
Like being on one of those spin round and up and down amusement park rides
Like everytime you stand up you kind of fall back down...
Like... Like.... Like.... (excuse me while put my stomach right side up)

Well, it was SO bad, I had to have Bill drive me to the Dr's (the thought of moving in a car caused me to take a Jewel bag with me JUST IN CASE)

Now I have some good drugs (Cipro, a Decon and Anti-vert) and hopefully I will not be a dizzy blonde much longer (ditzy maybe, but not dizzy) :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

One of Each...

Something simple, for now..

I had a bad weekend... (or at least bad Saturday)...

I had A vet out on Friday to review a continuous issue with my filly's front leg(s) - take your pick - on any given day she is either as sound as a dollar or lame as a three legged table... On Wed, lame, and of course, on Friday am when vet was there, sound as anything else in the barn and was lunged for over 40 minutes...

So, Saturday, 15 min into my ride with our trainer, at a NICE, SOFT, EASY trot her leg collapses and we go DOWN.. I swear to GOD and all that is Holy, that I thought when she got up and was holding the right leg straight out and it quivering and shaking like a leaf that she had broke her leg.. and that my Barn Owner/Buddy who is a cop was going to have to shoot her right then and there on the spot...

It's not broke. I'm bumped and bruised (thought I had cut my archille's tendon, however) but it is not.

So, back to the freaking drawing board... Xrays to come SOON to see if there is ANYTHING at all going on or she is just messing with my head.

In the meantime, I started a pair of socks, tried them on 2" down and they fit - get 3/4ths the way done and can't get them over my heel, ripped em out and am now on my 6th rendition of same sock trying to get the sizing to work.. Am NOT happy about that. I feel I have knit this pattern 3 whole socks already..

So, a group of us were thinking of knitting this one complex sock pattern by a designer named "Cookie A" - call Pomatomus - I affectionately refer to them as the "Potty socks" - So, to remove the bad spirits hanging over me, I have started working on this! And I like it. I like it alot. The Yarn is Socks That Rock in the Bleeding Hearts Colorway... Here's a pic of it started... And a closeup

And, to show that Spring is STILL here in Northern Illinois and that the bad storms this past week didn't A) kill the buds nor B) Blow them ALL off the tree is a picture of our beautiful white crab tree in our backyard... I have been after my dear, dear, dear hubby to make the area under the tree a NICE, LANDSCAPED, flower bed type location instead of some Day Lilly's stuck in the grass back there looking like well, use your imagination... And this has yet to happen... So, be sure to check back.. I'm in just one of those moods that I need to take out some aggression.... and get er done!