Thursday, October 18, 2007

Deja' Vu - Same Yarn FO Bree's Backpack..

While utilizing Miss Sarah's advice on the yarn for Paige, I spied the same yarn in a colorway that I knew Bree would just love - so, yeup, bought it too. And again, it was tucked away for her NOT to find (keep the "not" in your mind)

I began a quest for a pattern I thought she would like and that would be fun and good to use with this yarn. Well, I found a great backpack pattern - Cabin Fever's "Easy Felt Pack #704. So, when Bree started back to school, I started secretly knitting this (thus, the before mentioned secret projects in my blog posts - ie - Paige's Sheep Tote and Bree's backpack)

The intention was to have it ready for a birthday present (Bree's birthday is Oct 30). (note the word "intention").

I finished knitting it and had felted it and had it drying out in the sun on the patio one day, while I went about my wifely/motherly housekeeping duties. Then I went and picked Bree up from school, all the while FORGETTING that it was outside on the patio table drying.

We got home from school and Bree was getting a snack and she asked "what was out on the table" - OOPS... I said NOTHING she needed to be concerned about. She went upstairs to change out of her school clothes - so, being the great sneak I am, I grabbed it off the patio table and stuffed it into a cabinet I know she doesn't go into.

2 weeks later.. We're cleaning bunny cages (right before last weekend's trip to Ohio for the Quarter Horse Congress - another birthday present for her) and I asked her to go get some "bags" for garbage. She comes back with an ear to ear grin letting me know she found ONE of her birthday presents.. I laughed. My "sneakiness" and life got past me and I completely forgot I had stuffed the backpack into the cabinet 2 weeks earlier...

So, I told her she could have it as an early present - and she just LOVES it! I am so tickled that she thinks it is rather cool - as it is difficult with a soon turning 10 year old to figure out what she thinks is cool these days... (I'm not looking forward to those teenage years). She liked it so well, she decided NOT to take her regular jeans' purse to Congress, but to take her backpack instead and she took it EVERYWHERE with her!

So, here are some pictures!

This was made with the Queensland Collection Big Wave yarn 90% wool, 10% Cashmere - following the pattern mentioned above

Deja' Vu? Another FO Sheep Tote...

During the same outing to Sheep's Clothing, Miss Sarah had convinced me to purchase some yarn that was being discontinued by the manufacturer (what a shame, it is awesome stuff)

Well, the color is the most perfect, exact, favorite of my friend, Paige - so, I just had to purchase it not having a CLUE what I was going to do make with it for her - so.. it sat (we went to Sheep's Clothing I think back in May?)

After completing my Sheep Tote and seeing how cool it is and knowing how Miss Paige chides me about my organizational obsession (even though she says she's impressed with it), I thought how perfect for her to have something to always remind her of my organizational mindset.. (ha, ha)

So, off to work I went and made up this for her, of course I had to add some "bling" to it with the button covering the snap closure - which I think will inspire her to whip out her "Bedazzler" and do her thing with it!

And here's a closeup of the "bling" button/closure.. Plus this picture greatly shows the vibrant orange/red/yellow color of the yarn -

The yarn is from Queensland Collection, called "Big Wave" and is a thick and thin 90%Wool, 10% Cashmere and is wonderful to work with and felt with - I am saddened they are/have discontinued it...

Finished Object (FO) Purple/Red Sheep Tote

As promised, I do have a few finished objects...

My first "real" project (supervised by Miss Kate) was the "Fabulous Felted Tote" by Fiber Trends - and though I love it - it is so DEEP - so, when Miss Kate made herself a Fiber Trends Sheep Tote - I started "jonesing" as it was rectangular and short and had pockets for organization (and you all know how organization is one of my most coveted words).

So, during our outing to Indiana to Sheep's Clothing, I purchased the pattern and yarn (Cascade Quatro in the Red Stripe and Cascade 220 in a purple) and finally made up my very own.

I SO wanted to make it like Miss Kate's (I LOVE the Malabrigo Chunky varigated she used) but, since every LYS I've been to does NOT carry it - and I take this PERSONALLY, I had to substitute. Just for the record - I like mine (although it is quite plain) but still LOVE Miss Kate's.

So, I've been toying with perhaps doing a needle felted "something" on it - but, nothing has hit my fancy as of yet - Maybe I should send it down to my "bedazzler" queen friend, Paige, for some bling?

Anyway, here is a picture - I followed the pattern as is - and used 2 strands of the Cascade yarns mentioned above.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I've been a bit consumed... Poor little kids...

I got home Sunday evening from Ohio and saw a note my friend posted about an animal confiscation - so, I called her and oh my - I've been a bit consumed ever since.

A 65 year old woman who received some money via an inheritance became an animal "hoarder" - which got way out of control (probably over a couple of years)

Things finally came to a head and animal control and Tails Humane Society ( )went in and confiscated over 100 dogs and over 130 cats. Unfortunately, that's not the worst of it. There were over 200 dead animals in the HOUSE. The lady had put them EVERYWHERE (freezer, containers, cabinets, etc.) The lady's first court date was yesterday and the hope was that she would sign over the rights to all the confiscated animals so, the next steps thru the humane society could be taken - but NO, believe it or not (and I still don't) she pleaded NOT-GUILTY to animal cruelty (is being held on 35,000 bond) and would NOT sign over the animals.

So, Monday morning I went out to the airport hanger (temporary shelter) to help do whatever, not knowing what to expect.. It just breaks your heart. The lady had to spend over 50,000 dollars on PUREBRED dogs, numerous breeds, nice animals - Corgi's, Great Pyrenese, Burmese Mtn Dogs, English Bulldogs, Beagles, Bassets, Cocker Spaniels, St Bernards, Huskies, Aussies, Pugs, a couple of Labs, Mastiff, Pekingese, Dachsunds, and the list continues.

They need to be fed, walked, cages cleaned, bathed, nails clipped - you name it they need it - and most of all LOVE and the understanding of life. Many never saw outside - don't know what concrete is let alone grass. Sad doesn't even begin to touch it.

I've spending as much time as possible - time permitting helping do whatever I can - I'm not doing anything special that anyone else who had time would do -

I haven't even had a chance to really see the cats, but they have Hims, Persians, Rag Dolls, Siamese, you name the high level breed, its there.

So many people have donated, come out and dropped supplies off - the overwhelming outpouring of humanity feels good. The media has been everywhere and infact, today, the story made the front page of the Chicago Tribune.

Here are some links: Of the dogs:

Links to news reports:,0,39260.story

Photo gallery:,1,1008614.photogallery?ctrack=4&cset=true

Bree is quite adamant about helping out too and since she only has a 1/2 day at school tomorrow, we will be heading out then.

We are also signed up to "foster" a little Corgi girl named "Marigold" - she's as sweet as can be - and her little ears don't even stand up - here's a few pics of her - this will only happen if the animals are turned over or the court rules this way -

As a last note, I do have 3 finished objects (knitting) to post - that is when I have time...

Hug your pets tonight!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New things around the house...

It's starting off to be a good month. I FINALLY after 2 years and 1 month, persuaded Bill (my dear husband) to get a NEW tv for our bedroom. Now, I say FINALLY in big, bold capital letters because I actually tried to buy him one for our 10th wedding anniversary (which was just about 2 years and 1 month ago).

He just cracks me up. Thank you ENTOURAGE - the HBO or Showtime (whichever one it is) series that he likes to watch that is on when Bree likes to watch one of her shows - so he used to go up in our bedroom to watch (plus, not a show she should be watching anyhow). Well, to date the tv in our bedroom - it was my Grandmothers then I took it to college with me. I graduated from college in 1985 (you do the math) - but, for sake of an argument - it's at least 22 years old. YIKES.. And it still worked, but, the picture was getting a little fuzzy, yada, yada, yada - and over the past 2 years it was getting more and more fuzzy - So, when he was relegated to watching Entourage upstairs - and I happened to hear him mutter about the picture I though "AH HA!" So, this time, I passed it off as a birthday gift (his is the 17th of this month) - and off we went to Best Buy.

Now, this is an experience in and of itself with my hubby who returns just about anything I've ever bought him because he doesn't "need" it. So, we started looking at the 26" LCD tv's. Then he thought wow, that's alot of money, so we walked around the other side of the wall to look at the traditional tv's, which by the way, are few and far between even Best Buy is discontinuing carrying an old-fashioned tv. There was one (but it was a floor model) that had him kind of iffy - I said NO. Then there was one a bit less than the LCD but bigger screen - when he tried to lift the box (70 pounds) vs (24 on the LCD) I laughed. (Like weight makes a tv better or worse????? - must be a guy thing)

So, he went back to the LCD's - now there was a 26" and a 32" the 32" was only 200 more - NO BRAINER for me... As I hate to shop anyhow - Well, after what seemed an eternity, he did the RIGHT thing and got the 32". Carried it out, brought it home, hooked it up, laid on the bed and promptly fell asleep - (again must be a guy thing)

Then, because he likes to watch 2-1/2 men, which he somehow, someway always seems to be doing something and misses 1/2 of it - I mentioned a DVR to him - hmmm.. he says - after talking with the Best Buy sales guy (who actually knew his stuff and lost a sale for being honest) we decided instead of purchasing a Tivo, that our cable company (for less money per month plus don't have to buy any equipment - thus the lost sale) was the way to go. Bill liked this idea - Huh.. Wonder what this is all about. So, on Thursday morning, the cable guy (cracks me up to say that in my head) will be here to hook up the DVR, etc.. Should be fun.

I'm still in amazement and denial that he actually bought something for himself so to speak - although, Bree has been watching the new tv as much as Bill has - but, that's ok - it'll be there perhaps another 22 years?

Friday, October 5, 2007


I am officially on RAVELRY.. YAY!!! Username LAW07

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Girls' Weekend at Indian Creek Ranch!!!

First, let me say, that I think I need lots more of these (preferably back to the same place it was that wonderful!) This was a trail riding, friend get together, relaxing weekend to be...

My friend, Cheri, who I met thru my horse forum lives in Missouri. Her parents have a place about 12 miles out of Sullivan, MO. It's a 2 mile track off the main road thru the wilderness (and I mean this literally) over little creeks, over cattle crossing gates/bridges (or whatever they are called) - reminds me of the song "thru the woods to Grandmother's house"! One lane and you better not be TOO wide!

We stop at the barn to off load the horses (thanks to my good friend, Paige, who has the "seasoned" trail horses) - and the barn and clearing looking out onto Cheri's parent's property is breathtaking... (these pictures just do NOT do it justice)

Then, because the terrain is SO steep, you have to leave the trailers down at the barn so we load our "stuff" into a "mini-truck" - it is SO cute!

And head up to the house (think of a straight up winding staircase). The house is a log cabin (huge) and the logs are from the trees on the property. Now, when I was invited, for some reason I thought the ranch was around 500 acres. Well, it is actually between 4 and 5 THOUSAND acres - so plenty of trees available for the building of the log cabin! This picture is taken from down by the barn looking up (and I mean UP even though the picture doesn't give you the "depth" of up)

We get settled in to the cabin and since I was not able to attend the gathering last year due to the collarbone injury, I think everyone was laughing at me (that happened all weekend) because I kept saying, "Oh my God", "wow", "amazing", "stunning" (you get the point) - and it was, for real. I think it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

We have a great dinner by JoD who made Pizza on the GRILL, yes, on the GRILL. It was just fabulous. JoD and her horse, Cash, are pictured here:

We hung around the campfire, the others imbibing in their favorite beverages and me with my water or soda - This is a picture of Cheri (our host) stoking the fire.

We rode on Saturday morning and this is kind of an milestone for me. I'm an "arena" rider - usually ride "enclosed" and for some reason that gives me a security blanket, plus this is my first ride out of my comfort zone since my injury back in the beginning of summer 2006 (and probably longer than that) and I was riding a horse I'd NEVER been on before.

We went up the steepest of hills, down the steepest of valleys, thru creeks, saw tons of wild life, Cheri and her Dad picked wild grapes, the whole nine yards. Even the most eloquent of writers would have difficulty describing the setting and beauty - so, please use your vivid imagination of a beautiful landscape! I was tense (to say the least) especially since when we went to the barn late Friday night to feed, I stepped in a foot deep Gopher hole and really did a number on my knee. It was swollen, stiff, sore (you get the idea). Paige did get a few pictures of me as PROOF that I did this (always got to have proof)!

I was riding Haidagirl who decided that she should be the LEADER and would not plod along like a mule no matter what. So, I rode up front with Gerald, Cheri's Dad and loved the stories and information he talked about. The creek is spring fed and clean and crystal clear that we could have drank out of it too!

Saturday, before dinner, we went to the pasture to see, Samson, the Camel. Cheri's Dad purchased Samson for their Church's live Nativity scene. He is just so SWEET. He gave us all kisses and loved the attention. Here's a few pics

And Samson giving Paige a big ole kiss:

This year as a gift to Cheri's parents for opening up their home and their generosity we gave them a digital picture frame which I had loaded some pictures that Cheri had sent me ahead of time. They LOVED it and I showed Cheri's Mom (Carmen) how to change the pictures and she went right to town and added a bunch more, organized them and was pleased as punch. Her smile was heartwarming!

Here's a picture of Carmen:

Now, the decor of the cabin could "scare" some folk, but, coming from a hunting family (certainly not to this degree), I found it simply fascintating. A museum like quality. Cheri's Dad (in my opinion as I don't know for sure) is a World Class Hunter and Fisherman and along with his 3 kids and Grandkids have bow hunted and shot just about any animal imaginable. Cheri's Dad, Gerald, is also a taxidermist thus their "Trophy Room" - I have over 20 pictures of the Trophy Room and the entire cabin (every room) houses some of these "taxidermed" animals. Some might find it unnerving, not me, I couldn't get enough of it. Here are some of the pictures:

There are a TON more pictures that can be viewed on a website page I created at

Gerald, Cason's Dad was a phenomenal tour guide and even got Paige (who has definite food likes and dislikes) to try a wild grape - that didn't go over that well - she equated it to wallpaper paste - but, I'm quite curious as to how she knows what that tastes likes... Here's a picture of Gerald and Cheri picking wild grapes as they say they make the BEST jam.

In the mornings, as we were up early - the sunrise was gorgeous and view as I've said more than just breathtaking. I'll leave you with one last photo of the scenery standing out the back porch door looking out at the landscape - as far and hilly as you can see is their property. Talk about looking out at a dream. I felt like I won the Powerball lottery to be invited to experience such beauty, family, friends and be able to treasure these memories forever.