Monday, February 2, 2009

In Accordance with

In accordance with the 'over-analyzing', 'spreadsheet queen' (named by Paige), and the curious side of me, I like to do jigsaw puzzles. Seems like every year around December - I start to get the urge to do puzzles - usually they are between 1,000 and 1,500 pieces. Maybe its the cold weather - I don't know. But, I do.

In 2007, when the group of us went to Indian Creek (Cason's place), her Mom was working on one - I asked first (because some folks do NOT want you helping with their puzzles) and we spent some time working on it together. Paige laughed her arse off because naturally like any good analytical (ok, obsessive) mind works, I lined up ALL the pieces in rows and columns all facing the same way just like a spreadsheet. She thought this was just hysterical coupled with her knowledge already of my spreadsheet obsession-ess. I think she even took a picture.

Bree starts out helping me, but, then moves on to something else.

I finished this puzzle around the 20th of January, started the 2nd one, finished that one today (no pics yet), and am going to start the next one - hmm.. maybe when I'm done posting this, or tonight - we'll see.

I like the quiet thinking searching for that ONE piece that looks like no other, looking at the connector tips and divets, trying to match colors and seeing if it can beat me.

If you notice in the puzzle, a piece is missing. No, it's not really missing, Bree took it out AFTER I finished the puzzle and hid it - so that she could say SHE finished the puzzle... LOL! I think its evenier funnier because I think I used to do this too.

So, here's the puzzle pic - gotta run to start the 3rd one (after I take pics of course before I destroy this one).


Paige said...

I only laugh at your brain and the way it works because I so wish I was like that--instead I have all that pinging around in my head, which just makes things harder

Anonymous said...

Since you are a Queen already---spreadsheet----

How about Puzzle Princess incognito.

Your "subjects" will never know and don't forget to take pictures as PROOF of your endeavors.

Enjoy The Lackey