Thursday, February 12, 2009

This is pretty cool... And hits home for so many!

My Mom, who all have read about, sent me this link - I think she got it thru some quilting threads and I thought it was awesome! In her email of this link, she asked if us 'knitters' could top this...

I don't know - but, these are fantastic - take a look!

Breast cancer hits home for so many of us. My Mom is a survivor going on 8+ years now! Yippee!

What a great group from South Carolina paying tribute to 'ta-tas'!

Enjoy the photos and the artwork - all hand made!

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Anonymous said...

Life is all about sharing---the good, (looking at Ta-Tas and laughing-----the bad ( cancer but hang in there) and the ugly ( bald is not necessarily beautiful ) but

I survived

Happy Valentine's Day