Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The next Michael Jordan??? Just having fun!

This year, Bree has decided to play basketball thru our local athletic organization (kind of like a park district league). What makes it really fun is that her team is girls she hangs out with and from our subdivision.

She has always liked to "shoot hoops" with Bill and we've been encouraging her to "do" one thing outside of the horses to stay 'balanced' and so basketball was her choice.

The Coaches and Families are great and the Dad's have fun at the practices (The Coaches rope the Dad's in liking making deals with the girls that if they hit "their" shot then ALL the Dad's have to run a lap in the gym...) hahahah - It's amazing how GOOD the girls get with their shooting with a little motivation - Last week the Dad's ran 4 laps (there are 9 girls on the team). The teams are named after colleges and her team is North Carolina and is all 4th Graders.

They've played 2 games (Saturday mornings) and are 1 and 1 - the loss was a HEARTBREAKER!!! They lost by ONE point in the last 30 seconds...

They play 4 - 8 minute quarters!

Here are a few pictures of Bree and her team from the first game:

Bree is the second girl in line closest to you


Jen said...

Oh, she is too cute! I started playing basketball at about that age and just loved it. She looks like she is having fun. :)

Paige said...

I am so glad she decided to play basketball--that would have been my pick too. Plus it gives her something to do with local girls.

Good for her!

DK said...

Go Tarheels! She definitely got on the best team!!!