Tuesday, November 13, 2007

She can't be 10 - that makes ME old...

Bree turned 10 on October 30 - OY.. She just simply CANNOT be this old, because then this means I'm older.. Nope, not double digits - why is it that when she was "single" digits she seemed SO much younger?

She had a great kids birthday party at a local shop called "Paint it Yours" where all the kids were given a "blank" T-Shirt and they got to decorate with fabric paint, stencils, "bling" - just for Paige - and all sorts of goodies - they were ALL so creative - it was amazing to see how different everyone's shirts looked!

They had cake and Bree opened her presents - she got FOUR (yes, FOUR, more Webkinz which put her up to 21!!!) - I told Bill, we missed the boat on buying stock on this company!!!

Here are some photos of the group - and also, as a gift to the birthday girl - the store takes a picture of the "group" and scans it onto a separate shirt and then all sign it and decorate it - it was so much fun.

Bree being excited about basketball was creating her very own North Carolina basketball shirt!

The group shirt being decorated:

And the group:

What a great bunch of friends!!!


Jen said...

What a fun idea for a party! Looks like fun. :)

Paige said...

That is a GREAT idea for a party---brilliant!

Looks like everyone had fun

carol said...

AW !!! Bree is 10 and you ARE OLD. sorry but that makes me the Grandma only 39. You are OLDER than me.


mjahlers said...

Wow what a fun way to have your birthday. I bet all the girls loved creating their own T-shirts. I can't believe she didn't do one with a horse, that is what I would of done, lol.

Bree said...

It was a lot of fun and re(carol)your not 39

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