Thursday, November 29, 2007

Knitting as promised!

I finally took pictures of "most" (not all yet) of FINISHED OBJECTS - yippee!

The first (by age) is the Sunburst Sling Purse that Bree selected. While visiting my parents in August, we stopped in a very nice yarn shop in Paducah, KY called With Ewe in Mind. (Very nice shop and the owner was great too!)

Bree wanted a RAINBOW purse and she got a RAINBOW purse from picking out Lorna's Lace Chunky Swirl yarn. The purse was knit to pattern -

Then we have a pair of the Peekaboo Mittens (free pattern here: ) These are made from Cascade 220 Quatro in Pink and I used size 7 needles and followed the cast on of "40" and followed that pattern size (using the larger needle). These are a Christmas gift for a friend of Bree's.

I also finished my MOST FAVORITE sock pattern in the world (ok, so at least so far as I've knit) - I LOVE these.... The girls had fun chuckling at me because I kept saying that the entire time I was knitting them and they didn't believe me. BELIEVE ME! I LOVE these socks (did I say that already?) They are made with scrumptious Koigu in rich green jewel tones (I guess that's a good description) and they are soft and fit nicely and I LOVE them...

Also, shown (barely) is the CHERRY wood sock blocker my Dad made me - He has oak, birch and cherry in his woods and I told him I wanted one, so he cut down the cherry tree (makes us giggle as this reminds me of the George Washington ditty about cutting down the cherry tree) and made one up - I showed them around and people have ORDERED them - so, like an Elf - he's busy in his woodshop making some more up! Go DAD!

I followed the pattern and used size 1 needles.

At the end of October and first week in November, I took at class at Peggy's Strands of Heaven in Plainfield, IL ( ) for this beaded ornament class - Now, I'm hooked. I've completed 4 and am working on the 5th (Great Teacher gifts) - Here are pictures of two of the 4 - (I told you in the beginning I have more pictures to take). They are knit with Plymouth Gold Rush and size 6 seed beads on a size 4 - 40" needle using the Magic Loop lesson (which we learned during the class and isn't nearly as daunting as I thought it was) - These are FUN to do. You knit them, slide them over a glass ornie then "close" them up! Fun, Fun, Fun - Bree loves to pick the colors and beads, too!

So, I'll be taking more pictures of the other finished objects and am knitting my fingers to the bone working on additional Christmas gifts.. So, off the puter I go to knit (ok, to get Bree ready for school THEN knit)


Sarah said...

I LOVE the purse. I want to see it in person!
But the issue of lining it makes me think we should pester Bridget for a class on that (one which I am certainly not capable of teaching).

Lorna said...

Lining is easy! You could do it!

DK said...

Looks great! And I love that you have (multiple) stories about your dad that begin with "I wanted one of these, so he went out and chopped down a tree..."

Jen said...

The purse is awesome! And I love the ornaments too!

Anonymous said...

testing 1, 2, 3. Today in the modern world, George alias Dad uses a gas fired chain saw. And no hand whittling, simple "power tools" for him.