Sunday, June 24, 2007

Watch out OKC, we're here...

I was trying to remember a line from the show "Oklahoma" - but my memory fails me..

We arrived safe and sound around 10pm last night - by the time we got the trailers unloaded and the 11 horses bedded, watered, grained and hayed we hit the hotel at midnight - and what a piece of crap the hotel was (notice the past tense?) The Biltmore Hotel in OKC is NOT anything like it advertised... We were missing dresser drawers (the entire drawers were missing) as well as not the "block" of 9 rooms in the courtyard by the pool that we were PROMISED - It was "icky" - not icky in a Kate kind of way with roaches or anything - but, just gawd awful...

So, today we were able to move to the hotel that we had stayed at in the past years (when we called back in January, they said they were booked) so, that's the reason we switched...

But, now, we are nestled into the Best Western Saddleback and are happy little clams..

Bree's horse, Tessa, is fine and dandy, and she stretched and warmed her up tonight before getting a nice refreshing bath! The temps here are COOLER than in Chicago - but, the humidity would make you think NOT... But, that's ok! We're consuming tons of water!

First class tomorrow is Barrels - and Bree should be riding around 10am (I'm guessing here) - there are 2 classes before hers which start at 8:30am.. so, just estimating on the class sizes how long before her class will start. She's excited and nervous all in one! (This is not her "best" class but she's been working very hard on this one!)

I have the digital camera batteries charging as well as the video cam. I'm excited to have an ethernet connection in my hotel room vs NOTHING at the other ick hotel... So, I'll be able to check in and such!

Well, off to bed, we have an early morning tomorrow..

Toodles from OKC


DK said...

Can't wait to hear how things go! I've got my fingers crossed for Bree and all of y'all!!

Good choice on the hotel, ps. Missing the dresser drawers? Weird!


Carol --Mom said...

So good to hear from you and that all is better now! ! ! !

will watch today,

Tell Paige I will call Bill the Big Nasty. Hehehe can't get into her site.

And The Cubbies vs. WHO ! ! ! and boohoo.

Tell Bree the check is in the mail or she could spend her $1.00 down there.

keep us posted please

Valerie said...

Well, I am glad that you made it. Biltmore Hotels are generally considered to be really good hotels. I am surprised that a hotel of that stature would even let those rooms. However, am glad that all are happy in your new digs. I am cheering you on from here. Best of luck, hope you have fun !!!

carol said...

what is Bree's entry number?

will it be the same number for all her events?

The announcer gives number and official name of horse FIRST and then at end of run gives rider's name and it comes out kind of muffled.

think saw bree.


Sarah said...

You have to let us know how you do!

carol said...


8th place SAW HER RIDE No. 967

Other gal was wrong.


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