Sunday, June 17, 2007

Crazy Days - Horses and Knitting

Well, these days we are spending at the barn, nearly non-stop since we leave on the 23rd for the "big" show in Oklahoma City. The heat is pressing here - but I guess that's a good thing as the horses will be used to "hot" and not be so affected once we're there.

While Bree is working with the trainer, I've been working on SOCKS. Yes, SOCKS (2 of them) - I have Bill's first sock all knitted, except have to get some guidance on taking out the waste yarn for the Afterthought heel. And I didn't want to start the 2nd sock for two reasons - 1) I don't want the needles in use when I get the guidance for the heel and 2) I may make adjustments in size on the 2nd one in order to insure he can get it over his ankle with all the hardware in it - it's a bit tight on that leg - I figure once the heel is in on the first one, I'll have him try it on so I can get a better indication of how much bigger I may need to make it - So, that's on hold until Tuesday night - and then I can work on it in OKC.

In the meantime, I've been working on the Jaywalkers on the size 1 Addi lace needles - not sure if I'm liking this pattern or not. Oh, it looks "good", but not sure I'm enjoying doing it. Ok, I'm NOT enjoying it - the slip 2tog and knit one and psso is a pia - I knit so tight that I struggle getting it over and yes, I've loosened up QUITE a bit and still hate doing it. Maybe, "hate" is too strong of word, how about seriously dislike..

I also have to figure out what size needles to work the Koigu on (thinking 2's - since I have them) and have to decide on a pattern... Note to self: must be something without a slip 2tog, k1, psso -

I figure I need at least THREE projects to take to OKC - just in case I either a) finish one, b) get stuck on one or c) get bored with one... A little variety in life can't hurt..

I also need to "practice" knitting in the car (see if I can do it without getting car sick as I'm REALLY REALLY bad about that) - I figure maybe a dramamine would help... haha - I'd hate NOT to be able to take advantage of a 13 hour car ride without knitting... Heck if I figure out HOW to do this, I may need to take FOUR projects.. it'd be the most UFO's I've ever had going - and wouldn't my knitting enablers be SO proud!

Plus, I've been busy with the Silent Auction - Hopefully, some fiber folks will jump on the Alpaca!

So, back to horses and knitting. The countdown is T minus 5-1/2 days. Also, anyone who's interested - they have the classes on a streaming video - I'll get the link, times, dates and what not posted if anyone is so inclined to watch...

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's!


DK said...

I bet if you can learn to knit without looking (or look minimally), you'll avoid the motion sickness. Otherwise, can I recommend the scopolamine patch?

Lorna said...

Is the Scopolamine patch an OTC thing you can get?

Paige said...

Hey what about me? Surely you will spend some time entertaining me for the 44 hours I will be there watching Bree!
There shall be no knitting while I am there! It will make me feel inadequate

Lorna said...

Hey Paige -

I will TEACH you now to knit a beer holder!

Paige said...

The hell you will.

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