Friday, June 1, 2007

Ready, Set, Go...

Tomorrow, there are a group of knitting gals (me included) going to Sarah's favorite knitting store near Valparaiso, IN (can you say roadtrip?). She says it's the BEST! (Check back tomorrow night or Sunday for "review")

So, today, being the organized, structured, stay within the lines, right-brained (ok anal retentive) person that I am, has been spent updating my Excel spreadsheet with my "stash" yarn, needle inventory, pattern books and "to do wishlists". I have them printed out and ready to GO.

I'm trying to be proactive thinking ahead to "gifts" that will need to be completed for birthdays, Christmas and the like.

Bree wants me to make the Peek A Boo mittens (like hers) for her friends at the barn - ok, Cascade Quatro - check. I'd like to make a pair of felted clogs for myself - hmmm - no pattern - put it on the list along with yarn to complete. Maybe those would be a nice gift for my Mom too - Mom close your eyes and don't read that last sentence. Bill's double knit Notre Dame hat is done and yarn is purchased for some Florida State socks that he ASKED for (isn't that cool) after he saw my first pair of socks - He figures on football days, he'll wear the Notre Dame hat AND his FL State socks - too funny - picture will definitely be taken.

My Brother already received a camoflauge neck warmer and is always cold... Note to self to look for warm ideas for him. My SIL - no clue, my Niece, no clue - they live in Southern IL and don't really need "warm things". And my Dad - well, he just wants a new truck - wait, he got one of those - wonder what's on his list these days (besides a million dollars that is)..

I'll have to pester Miss Kate for what kind of yarn she used for her bathmat - I really like that picture! Turned out great - she's knitting up a storm lately.

Then there's stash yarns that I bought either because they were just too great of a deal to pass up (closeout - at least 60% off) OR because I just had to have it because it was so soft, or my color, or just because - and I need to find patterns for it...

Sheep tote - that's another thing I need yarn for - (don't' have enough yardage in any of my stash yarns for that) -

So, if you're family, friends or the like and think I should make you something as a gift - let me know before tomorrow!