Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Going.. Going.. Gone in 2 days...

Well, we leave Saturday morning for Oklahoma City for the Appaloosa Youth World Show and the Appaloosa National Show (the adult version). Not sure we are "ready", but in showing are you ever?

I have my 3 knitting projects lined up: Bill's 2nd sock (just started so I don't have to fiddle with getting it going), The Fiber Trends Sheep Tote (just started so I don't have to fiddle with getting it going) and I'm taking the Koigu with size 2 needles (calls for size 3's) and this pattern..

So, I think I'm set in that regard...

Here's the schedule for the show:

Bree rides:

Monday in Y314 Walk/Trot Camas Prairie Stump Race, 10 & Under (this is barrels) - she is in the 3rd class of the day (the day starts at 8:30am) - it is hard to judge what time she'll actually ride since you don't know how many kids are in the first 2 classes in front of hers...

Tuesday in Y315 Walk/Trot Nez Perce Stake Race, 10 & Under (this is pole bending) - this is the first class of the day and starts at 9am

Wednesday in Y317 Walk/Trot Figure Eight Stake Race, 10 & Under (this is a version of pole bending whereby they leave the "end" poles and remove the middle ones and you have to ride a figure 8 around the end poles) - this is the first class of the day and starts at 10am

ALSO on Wednesday in Y316 Walk/Trot Keyhole Race, 10 & Under (this is where they draw with "flour" a diagram that looks like a skeleton key KEYHOLE on the ground and you have to run into the center, turn around, and run back out WITHOUT touching any of the lines - the "center" is I believe 18 feet wide and the "neck" is only 4 feet - it is tricky) - This is Bree's favorite event (the event she took 4th in the Nation in last year - this is the 4th class of the day (again hard to judge timing - but my guess is one to two hours after her first class)

On Friday, I ride in the O260 Team Penning which starts at 9am - the team penning is where you have 30 head of cows in the arena. The cows have "collars" on with numbers 0 thru 9 (3 of each number) - you have 3 riders on a team - the goal is to get the 3 cows with the number the announcer calls out to you OUT of the herd of 30 and "herd" them down to the other end and put them in a "smaller" pen - WITHOUT allowing any of the other 27 to cross a "foul" line which is ONLY about 1/3rd of the way away from where the cows are to start with - This is also a timed event - the team with the fastest time wins - (alot harder than sounds - as the cows are ALWAYS very skittish and as an animal with a herd mentality like to stay together - finding your 3 out of the 30 and keeping them away from the others is the challenge)

They haven't listed the link yet for the webcam - but, if you click on this link and look at the menu - there is one option titled "web cam"


You should be able to click on that option to view...

Ok, now how will you know which one is Bree? Well, here are a couple of pictures of her riding in OKC last year - she will be wearing the same "colors" and has the same horse -

I will also be riding her horse this year in my event..

So... keep your fingers crossed for a fun, safe, successful show! And we'll see ya on the flip side!


Sarah said...

Good luck!
Or is it bad luck to say good luck to horse people?

Paige said...

Probably to Lorna, she has bad luck anyway!

Lorna said...

Paige -

Yea, yea.. keep it up lady and I WILL hold you for ransom until Friday - BTW - we show at 9am Friday morning - you could be to work by 2pm - hahaha

Anonymous said...
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Carol said...

Mom says--Good luck to the gals riding and Best wishes to Big Bill as a "major Gofer and helper"

Will be watching the Web Cam and checking the results.


Paige said...

Carol, you need to start calling Bill The Big Nasty like I do. He likes it.

I swear!

Jen said...

Good luck! I hope you have a great time! :)

Valerie said...

I hope that the trip down is uneventful and everyone arrives safe and sound and am cheering you on from here. Hope you have a really good time.!!!!