Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Deja'vu another 8th in poles

Bree rode fantastic again today - she placed 8th in an event that last year she got DQ'd for her horse loping - so this is awesome - her best time ever...

Her time this year would have placed her in fifth place last year - the competition this year is so much tougher!!!

Tomorrow is her favorite event (keyhole) and also Fig 8 stakes - they start as the first class at 10am...

Paige made it down here - poor thing, her flight was quite delayed that she didn't even get to the hotel until 1:45am - so, we picked up some lunch and we're all taking a nap - LOL... Then off to do some shopping then a nice steak dinner!

It's been raining with isolated thunder storms since yesterday afternoon - ick.. We got soaked walking from our barn to the arena..

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Carol said...

THRILLING! ! ! ! and I got to see her again--awesome tell her.

Good luck tomorrow! ! Thursday could be another "shopping" day--bookmark! ! ! Hehehe.

Tell Paige I feel sorry about the time elements of the airlines. Perhaps the rest of the days will be wunnerful to make up for it.

Maybe after her final event give a call if want to. What has Big Nasty said he would give her this year? ? ? ?

Nervous Ree