Saturday, June 2, 2007

Gone, Been There and BOUGHT it...

Well, we had a wonderful day today. Sarah, Kate, Cindy, Val and I trekked to Indiana to Sarah's favorite yarn shop - Sheep's Clothing in Valparaiso, IN. And Yeup, I bow to her knowledge (as usual), it was utterly overwhelming.

Funny how ALL of us, walked in and we were ALL at the sock yarn immediately. We have been on a sock frenzy here in IL - don't ask me why - That is ALL Sarah's fault! She had a "thing" about socks until she went to the Orient and has been on a rampage ever since, and we all know how knitting is contagious!

We started off with lunch in Merrilville at Don Pablo's - phenom food with mouth watering desert! Holy cow, we waddled out of there (THANK YOU VAL!!!) and 20 min later we were petting yarn.

I think I was the big winner (don't tell my hubby), but I purchased some Cascade Quatro for my Fiber Trends Sheep Tote, yarn for the Fiber Trends Clogs (along with the pattern), some neat sock yarn (as if I need more) but Sarah RAVES over Koigu, so, heck when in Rome... I also purchased some neat chunky wool that was on sale and am going to make Bree a nifty felted backpack!

I am having SERIOUS withdrawals of not finding Malabrigo chunky at any LYS. That is really bothering me and that is not a good thing either, as I will end up getting on an "I'm going to find it if it kills me" mission - and THAT is NEVER a good thing!

Of course, after taking a stroll down Kate's and Sarah's memory lane (drive thru the Valpo campus), we were jonesing for something sweet and since they have an Oberweiss (local dairy store with awesome treats), we of course had to indulge ourselves. I had a carmel, vanilla coffee cooler and it was gone in a snap (or slurp).

We had an uneventful drive both there and back and the "riders" (since I drove) took advantage of the knitting time - I'm SO jealous of them being able to do that! (I'd be sicker than a dog!)

My knitting frenzy has been renewed with lots of additional stash and so, off I am to get to it!

Thanks to Sarah, Kate and Val for their ever so nice and patient help to Cindy and I in picking out yarns, helping us figure yardage and coaching us as to what would work and not work! We'd be lost without you guys!


Sarah said...

I already started the felted bag in that chunky wool. I'm liking it a lot. I don't usually go for thick and thins, but this one is highly entertaining.

Jen said...

Hey Lorna! I came to your blog through Sarah's. I like it!

I was wondering if you were the sweet hook up on getting one of those yarn swifts tha Sarah posted on her blog about. If so, could you please email me at jenATknittinglikecrazyDOTcom with details? I think I would like one very much.


Jamisyn said...

I just wanted to thank you for reminding me that I had wanted to visit that Valpo yarn shop. I am originally from Merrillville, but I didn't start knitting until I moved away to college. Since I will be moving in a few days even farther away than I am, and after reading your blog Tuesday night, decided I had to drive up to Valpo to go to Sheep's Clothing. I bought some great stuff and I was so glad I made the trek. So, thank you!!

DK said...

Ohhh, that was an awfully good time.....