Friday, April 25, 2008

Self Cleaning Horses...

Well, you know there are self cleaning ovens and I'm sure there are other "self-cleaning" things (kids would be a plus - ha) - but, I have proof that there are self cleaning HORSES! Yes, HORSES>..

I was at the barn to take pictures of a new sale string for my buddy whose website I manage and he was tied up so I was just going to help out - so I started to fill the water tubs for the outside horses... In the big outside hose there is this itty bitty pinprick size hole... and it sprays up a little bit.. I had forgotten that.

So, I moved the hose into the mare's tank and the little leak was spraying toward the paddock..

So, Bandi - my buddy's mom's Quarter Horse (who we affectionately refer to as the big black lab - as she is that friendly) - decides to "clean herself" - I hope in these blog photos you can see the stream of water.. It was HYSTERICAL - I'm putting them in order - she stood there for goodness, I don't know how long and washed her face!

It was hysterical!

And speaking of horses.. Here's a gratuitous shot of my filly - Jessie - She NEVER misses a chance for a scritch when she sees me - It's so nice to have one who comes to see you everytime!


Paige said...

Neat pics, I love the water ones

Jodi said...

We need more pictures of your mare.

I love goofy horses - I have one that will grab the damn hose if you do not allow him to drink from it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Horses that clean themselves---leaves time for the owners to do other things---

yeah right!

but enjoyed the pics and especially Jessie