Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bree's "stuff" - knitting this time!

It's been a while since I posted pictures of knitted goodies and there are alot of them.. so, I am going to do them in batches...

This one is all Bree's goodies!

These are some soft comfy footies, she just loves this pattern! It's a cotton/elastic yarn in some fun colors!

A cute little top made from some completely lucious baby alpaca with a little metallic fleck in it!

More footwear for Bree (she's growing like a weed and her shoe size in ONLY 1/2 size less than mine - she's 10 for goodnes sake!) This is out of Jen's yarn, a superwash wool!

Again with the cotton/elastic yarn makes for the softest and warm wrist warmers (or arm warmers, elbow warmers, etc..) I converted the Jaywalker sock pattern to fit her arms and it was a great and fun knit!

So, that's the start!

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Anonymous said...

OH MY! georgeous! Love the "look" of Bree----that is her painted fingernails ---I think! ! ! Hehehe

See you HAVE LOTS OF "same ole same ole" that is very interesting to the "rest of us"

Course I'm prejudiced
The Mom and Ree ( grandma)