Sunday, April 20, 2008

American Girl Doll Day...

It's American Girl Doll knit item Sunday. HA!

I knit these items for Bree's Doll and perhaps to teach at Peggy's should anyone sign up - they are just adorable!

This is a cute little lace up V-neck Tunic made from Encore Colorspun Worsted weight (acrylic for throwing in the washing machine!)

Being Spring, prom must be right around the corner, so I made Bree's doll a Prom Dress - this is out of Plymouth's Baby Alpaca Worsted Glow yarn (same as Bree's Bolero - only different color) - It has a little metallic fleck in it and makes it glimmer - I love working with this yarn - very nice! And with a cute hairdo, this AG Girl is ready for prom!

Then when prom is over and its time to sleep, she's already to curl up in a soft, comfy robe! This is made using Plymouth's Heaven yarn in 2 colors (lavendar solid and a multi-white) - It is a fun knit and is so adorable!


Anonymous said...

Charming and beautiful. Now for your "horsey set" in the group-----how about fancy spangly sparkly top to go with jeans?

The knitting world needs designers.


Paige said...

Those dolls kind of creep me out---what is up with their mouths?

Leave it to Bree to have custom clothes for them!

Lorna said...

what's wrong with their mouths? Just wait "Auntie Paige" when Gabi wants one - you'll be coming up to Chicago and visiting the AG Doll Store!!! haha

Anonymous said...

Lorna--right on! ! ! ! Mouths are just not "horsey" kind.

Paige--wrong on! ! ! ! Ag store with oodles of dolls that do not require that expensive feed

but lunch around for ALL the girls.

Can you wait? ? ? Hehehe


Paige said...

They all look like they need orthodonita.

But I am sure you are right.

Dear God, what is going to come of me