Friday, September 7, 2007

A Pair of Socks (Literally) plus one

Well, as spoken about (more than once)- Here are the pictures of Sarah's very own sock pattern socks -

They are knit from Koigu (2 skeins) which I had 26 approx yards leftover on each - From cuff to heel flap was 5-1/2inches - I could have gone 6" - I used size 1 circs and like the density - It is interesting to see after doing the heel flap/heel turn and then gusset - how the colors pooled - then went back to striping - kind of funny how it is purple on one foot and orange on the other - Bree LOVES this color and if out and about, I've been told to find it so she can have a pair made - LOL!

Then I moved over to a Knitting At Noon pattern I purchased that included four different patterns - Bree picked the yarn - Cherry Tree Hill - it is a soft Turquoisey-Purple varigated - again with size 1 circs, this pattern is the 1st of the four (as I LOVE all four patterns) called Sorbet Cooler - pictures aren't the best as they are not of her wearing them - I have a TON of yarn left over and may use it to make "footies" for myself - or something -

I also have ONE Gabi bootie sock (using Sarah's Baby Claire's bootie sock pattern) finished! (done in one evening - these are SO much fun, so easy and SO SO quick!) I told Paige (Auntie to Gabi) that she may get MORE of them since I enjoyed making it so much and Gabi is the only little one I know of.. The sock is out of Cascade Fixation (this is so nice to work with) on size 3 circs - and since I haven't made the 2nd one (goal for this evening) I'm not sure how much yarn will be left over -

So, it is literally a pair of a pair of socks noted here today (plus one) -


Sarah said...

Yay! Now give me the corrections to the pattern I need to make. I'll probably just wind up putting it out on my blog.

Lorna said...

You need to work it out with Bridget!!!!!!!!!!

Paige said...

you are a sock knitting fool!

I likeh to range and purpleones too

Paige said...

oh my- I must be addled!

Jen said...

Everything looks so great!

See you Tuesday. I will have yarn in hand for you! :)

DK said...

Oooh! The colors! Oh my!!! Fabulous!

Is that the Koigu from Sheep's Clothing? I love it!