Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Just a simple update..

Figured since it is just after a holiday weekend, I'd update...

Not much to report.. I've been riding a 3 year old half sister to Bree's Mare trying to figure out if she's going to work for me. I like her and am working on get the vet scheduled to come out and check her out to insure she's all that I think she is. We tried to be on 'standby' over the weekend but that didn't work out, so now have to figure out when would be possible...

I finished my socks from Sarah's pattern - I think I wrote that already - LOL! I did take pics, just haven't downloaded them yet.

I am nearly finished with Bree's ankle socks out of Cherry Tree Hill using the Knitting At Noon pattern - I am REALLY liking the pattern. And the yarn looks swell too.

I picked up the yarn for Paige's Niece's baby booties that I'm going to knit using Sarah's Baby Claire pattern.

The "secret" project is moving along.

Tomorrow (Thursday) night, a group of us from our regular knitting group are going to LYS (the really friendly one) to take a free 2 hour workshop on Slip Stitch and Mosaic knitting - which I've never done. I'm looking forward to it to learn a new technique - but also VERY apprehensive as I think I'm going to want to jump right into a project to practice... Oy, the choices!

I'm also planning on my next project - I bought some very nice sock yarn that would look excellent in a pair of men's dress socks - so I think I will make them up for Bill.

A friend, Jen, (Knitting Like Crazy) - link is on my menu site (or will be momentarily) has dyed for me the most lucious pink and brown varigated sock yarn that will.. well... knock Bree's socks off - HA! (snuck that one in) - It will be awesome - Bree LOVES pink and brown combinations (remove the neon lime green from her closet and pink and brown become no 1) - and I saw on Jen's blog that she has some neat blue/turquoise and brown varigated yarn that I want as well - another Bree favorite! Jen's going to visit us next Tuesday at the knit group so, I'll get it from her then! Wahoo...

I also want to start (since Fall is coming) my felted clog pattern... I have to make a list of my project lineup - you know I just don't have a spreadsheet set up clearly for that - (note to self - git er done) - I simply must live up to my "spreadsheet queen" name you know...

Went to the library today to pick up a book I reserved - Janet Evanovich's latest "Lean Mean Thirteen" and I'm going to have to PACE myself - because I know I will curl up for the rest of the day (housework be damned) and read the WHOLE thing at once - (I must stay strong) - but, its OH OH OH so tempting...

Bailee goes to tomorrow for her grooming, I need to "pre-groom" her tonight - kind of like pre-cleaning before the cleaning lady comes (no, don't have a cleaning lady) - but you get the idea.

And Friday, I'm getting my hair groomed. I like the guy who cuts my hair (except when he butchers it or highlights it TOO much)- but, at $55 a pop (yes, yuppy-scumville prices) for a cut and style - I'm thinking Supercuts or Fantastic Sams is in my future - It's not like my hair does anything special - hell, it is so thin (past baby fine) that I don't think it would matter... I drag out getting it cut as LONG as possible (last time was in June before we went to Oklahoma - ha). And, it really doesn't matter these days with walking Bree to school and the humidity - It falls straight down in my face before I get to the end of the driveway. Then I end up trying to restyle 2 or more times throughout the day so it doesn't look like a mop (without much sucess I might add) if I go anywhere.

This Sunday is Bill and my 12th wedding anniversary - time has flown - he'll get a card - but never has the "need" or "want" for anything - heck for our 10th, I wanted him to pick out a new tv for the bedroom - we went to Best Buy and everything and he thought he saw a couple he liked but, wouldn't make a decision, and then decided that "we" didn't really need one. Or the time I bought him an XM radio receiver for his car (as his work was further away and he was going to be spending more time driving)- and I gave him a gift cert to pick out whether he wanted XM or Cirus - he said the regular radio was fine and returned it. So, I've learned NOT to try to buy him something. I know if he is out somewhere and sees something he wants, he'll buy it. (Just like I do) -

BUT, I did make a comment this weekend, that I wanted TWO (yes two) things.. I want one of those Ice Tea makers (I like ice tea instead of pop) and during the summer, make lots of sun tea - but harder to do when the weather changes - and I also want a blender designed specifically for crushing ice - as Bree and I have picked up a VERY expensive DAILY habit of a Starbuck's Frappucino (at $4 bucks a CUP) that nearly breaks the bank. So, I have a recipe to make them myself - but want a good ice crushing blender type thingie. So, even though it is TWO things - they're not BIG things..

Well, need to do some housework, before I curl up with either my book or sock knitting and totally lose my day -


Paige said...

I have on my brown and pink Illini shirt right this minute-. I love it so I wear it even though it is too little.

The iced tea maker was my favorite wedding gift.

I have to recover from the news that you do not have a spreadsheet for your projects. I bet you have one set up by Friday.
I may never look at you the same

Lorna said...

I have a spreadsheet but its not set up "good" enough for my projects - I have to figure out a better layout... ha! No need to fret over me not having one at all - like that would ever happen!

DK said...

Come on, Paige. Lorna, not have a spreadsheet for her projects? I'm astonished that there's only one!

Happy Anniversary!!