Friday, September 14, 2007

A new toy... And its not knitting needles either...

Well, why yes, I've been knitting a bunch.

I finished the 2nd Gabi baby sock (pictured in previous post) and had SO much fun doing them, made ANOTHER pair!

I started another pair of footies for Bree out of some really nice Claudia's Handpainted yarn - it is so so so soft, it just floats thru your hand - I think this is the softest, nicest to knit with yarn I've experienced yet.

I started a pumpkin that will be felted (out of malabrigo)- in honor of Paige's deceased "Hannibal"

I started a pair of dress socks for Bill but, the pattern didn't work well so frogged it, redid the cuff (1" worth) and still didn't work, so frogged it AGAIN - geesh, with all the knitting that was frogged, you'd think I'd have another sock by now.

The "secret" project is nearly finished - yippee, skippee...

BUT, my attention span has been short because I've been spending time riding HER:

"She" is a 3 year old Appaloosa Filly just out of reining training - got cut 2 months before the "big" show - which works out well for me! She is bay (color) and this picture just does not do her justice!

I've ridden her several times since around Labor Day and just had the Vet out to check her out to make sure she's all that she's supposed to be (without any surprises) for a 3 year old.

The interesting thing is that she is a 1/2 sister to Bree's Mare, Tessa, - same Dads, different Mom's. And on top of that, I started riding "her" the SAME week I started riding Tessa 3 years ago and they are the same age at the time I got Tess. How odd, kind of "co-inc-a-dinkly". I think it was an OMEN! HOWEVER, and it is a big HOWEVER, the neatest thing is that she does NOT try to bite my arm off (at least not yet is what people keep telling me) - now that being Tessa's sister says something!

I was telling my Mom about her today and of course, my Mom having witnessed Tess' dislike for me, FIRST thing asks me if she's tried to bite me... I laughed.

Now, I keep calling her a "her" and a "she" and "the filly" cause I haven't settled on a name yet - Kind of like "Jaycie" (pronounced JC) but not sure it fits. I really like Jessie (but feel way too corny having "Tess" and "Jess") but kind of when I see her I think Jess. It took me FOUR, yes, FOUR months to name Tessa so, I'm hoping to beat that record. Of course, any and all suggestions are welcome!!!!


Paige said...

Bout time you posted about her! How bout Jezebel, Jezzie for short?

I cannot wait to meet her

Carol said...

Aw Right! "Jubal" looks fantastic. If you still lean towards names that begin with "J" there are not many out there. Even regular "J" words do not fill up the dictionary.

And I am thoroughly disappointed. It is 15 days and counting since Jubal entered your life ( give or take) and you became serious about her. However she does not have on your famous KNITTED SOCKS.

You will have to rush her to a "Shrink" unless you get going! ! !

What's the problem? ? ?


DK said...

Wow, she's gorgeous!

You know, I don't think Jess and Tess would be all that bad, unless you dressed them in matching outfits or something. I do like Jaycie, though.

And I understand about the naming. When I adopted Maggie her name was Sweet Pea. And THAT was just not going to work at all. So her name was "hey dog" (which it actually still is quite often, to be honest) for about three or four days, and then one afternoon I came home from the hospital and was sitting out in the back scratching her head, and was like, huh. You're a Margaret, aren't you? And that was it. So if she strikes you as a Jessie, hey, maybe she's a Jessie.

carol said...

Hey, no response to "Jubal".

Have a name yet?