Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Bloggers..

A few of my "horsey" friends have started blogs this week - it is most interesting to read their little tidbits....

One of my favorites is the musings of JoD - she is a nut - I think she rivals Paige's amusing posts only more non-horse related.. Take a peek:

Another gal up in the great white north (truly the great white north) is a naval engineer or ship engineer or some such type thing and was telling us the story of where she "guest" posts about the Australian Navy paying for women's boob jobs - you can read here:

There are just all sorts of funny things popping up all over - I like the exploits of this horse friend's first day at kindergarten - Can't wait to read more about "Mr C"...

Goodness, with all these funnies on blogs - it's a good thing I'm a stay at home Mom with nothing to do - When Hubby asks me what I did today - I'm going to tell him ghost stories about JoD's Dad, about Mr C getting in trouble and Boob Jobs -

I'm thinking he'll quit asking me right after that!