Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is it real or is it memorex???

As I've blogged about before, Bree is an avid Indianapolis Colts fan. She is also an avid fan of anyone who beats the Bears. Bree and Mom have ongoing bets and the like over their favorite teams.

So, Bree got a big surprise this summer....

She got to meet Peyton Manning:

Ok, So that was the 'memorex' version - Last year there was a Gatorade display with this full size cardboard Peyton Manning - with his brother, Eli on the reverse side. When the promotion was over, Bill asked the store owner if he could have the life size display - and brought it home for Bree. She has it in her room and brings it downstairs for the games. When they're doing well, Peyton is facing out, when they're not, Eli is in his brother's (on the tv) face!

But, here is the real deal:

Over the summer some sports group had tons of big time athletes come and set up times for autographs and Bill surprised her with tickets to get to meet Peyton. I have NEVER, EVER, EVER seen my child speechless. She was in awe to the tune of speechless. She could hardly get out Thank You and answer his questions to which she replied, "Thank You" - it was so cute! She has a signed autograph picture, she has a numbered trading card and these photos that she will cherish forever!

I think that made her summer all by itself!

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Paige said...

What a great thing for the Big Nasty to do for her--how cool is that! I bet she never forgets it.

I remember meeting my idol when I was little--two of them actually, and I remember it like it was yesterday