Monday, September 7, 2009

If you're prone to getting lost...

You definitely do NOT want to try this:

That is this year's corn maze design at Jonamac Farms in Malta, Il. We went for the first time last year in October and not only picked apples, but pumpkins too. This year they have the 'early' season apple varieties available, so we figured it would be a fun thing to do. We picked Galas - Crisp and Sweet, also Cortlands and Jonamacs which are both Medium and Tart. We picked about 15lbs... They smell SO good!

We then attacked the orchard store and got fresh homemade fudge in 1/4lb increments which Bill and Bree have made a big dent in - Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Mint and Dreamsicle. I ended up with some apple donuts - warm from the oven with cinn-sugar sprinkled on top and Bree got a fresh HUGE carmel apple - which she ate on the way home!

After leaving the orchard, we took a drive in the country, looking at land, farms, horse barns and the like! We had a great day driving the back roads, just hanging out! At one point, Bree and I decided that we must be in Iowa as all you could see were cornfields!

We'll be going back in October for the middle season varieties and pumpkins - not to mention more fudge, donuts and FRESH, non-processed, apple cider (not ready this past weekend - BOO!!!) We love the pick your own! And I'm sure we'll have all these eaten by then!

Also, in October they add the 'haunted' part of the corn maze - which should be fun too!

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Anonymous said...

Not me! but the work that went into this-------mid boggling--and beautiful.

Enjoy mom