Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bree's Successful Sunday!

As if our weekend wasn't busy enough, Bree ran in a speed horse show on Sunday - and run she did!

This was her first show of the year and first since July 3rd of last year! Bree and her horse, Tess, have been working very hard to polish their skills!

She ran in 6 classes:

Trot poles: (kind of a warm-up class) her time was 39.51 (seconds - LOL) and she placed first

Then she ran in the "Novice Rider" poles and finished first in that class with a 25.52.

That class led into the Youth (13 and under) poles which she also won with a 24.43.

She also ran in the open which is all age kids, adults, professionals, trainers, etc.. She held her own placing 7th with a 25.02

We all ate lunch then after lunch, barrels started:

She seemed kind of sluggish in the Novice barrels and placed 3rd with a 20.94, but came back in the youth barrels running 2.2 seconds faster with at 18.74 and placed first - This is my most favorite picture, both Bree and Tess are so focused!

She also ran in the 3-D race - this is an intersting race - and runs much like a NBHA (National Barrel Horse Assoc class works). Everyone (all kids, adults, pro's and trainers) run and the times are recorded. The fastest time is called the 1-D time and wins 'first' in that class and the next 4 fastest times place 2nd-5th. The fastest time was 17.34.

Next, they add one second to that time so now it is 18.34 and the person with the closest time (over that number) places first in the 2-D. And the next 3 fastest times take 2nd thru 4th in the 2D

Finally they add two seconds to the fastest time making it 19.34 and the person with the closest time (over that number) places first in the 3-D. The next 2 fastest times take 2nd and 3rd in the 3-D.

Bree ran a 18.93 and missed 4th place in the 2-D by 2 tenths of a second! All in all it was a great day, they learned alot, know what they have to continue to work on and are chomping at the bit to attend the next show (mid-September).

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Anonymous said...

Oh my it gets better every time I look at the pictures and read the " commentary"!

Mid Sept-----get your ear plugs out for the "long distance" screaming and hollering.

enjoy mom