Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Following footsteps...

There are certain things I notice about Bree that makes me laugh and think "I used to do that.... insert "x" millions of years ago"...

Sometimes it can be a litte thing - like a face or a hand movement. My Brother calls her "Lorna Junior" - which makes me laugh, because I don't think she looks a thing like me - but, I'll give on the personality. (It INFURIATES her when he calls her that by the way, then he just does it more and more because he knows that)

When she decided to try band in 5th grade, I did not influence what instrument she might be interested in. I was forced, at first, to play an instrument I hated. My Brother tried the cornet, my folks had bought one, so there you go - that's what I was donned to play. Nope. Hated it. And after sneaking practicing my friend's French Horn (thanks Jill H), my band teacher heard (Mr Wagner) and said I should switch - boy I was a happy camper.

In school these days, they let the kids try the various instruments (and they even have string instruments for the Orchestra too) - Bree like the sound and actually felt comfortable with the Fr Horn. Now, she knew that was my instrument and I kind of tried to talk her out of it just to be sure that is what she really wanted - and not because I played it.

Well, 5th grade she did very well with it - the gal (Kelsy) who does her lessons is fantastic and says Bree is doing very well. In 6th grade, they have band everyday (compared to only once per week in 5th) - and also there is a separate 'higher' band called Wind Ensemble (this is like a symphonic band vs a concert band) - you must audition for it. Well, Kelsy has been working with Bree over the summer on the audition pieces (keep in mind that is once per week and it was summer - so you fill in how much she really practiced).

School sent home the notice for Wind Ensemble and Bill and I encouraged Bree to try out for it - for the life experience and for practice playing 'alone' and infront of a stranger, and we figured she wouldn't get in as not many 6th graders make it. Also, because come February they also have the band solo and ensemble competitions. Well, she was scared to death, but went to the one practice and then last Tuesday was her audition.

Late Friday, we received an email from the 8th grade band director who directs the wind ensemble that she MADE it... She was SO excited and we were like, "Holy cow". She went from not really wanting to do it to looking so forward to it overnight.

They start separate practices this week and will practice 2 times per week. When we were in Jr High - we did things AFTER school as far as activities go - apparently things have changed, as these practices are BEFORE school. She will practice from 6:45am to 7:45am... They have to be there at 6:30am and be ready to go at 6:45am. I'm not sure that I even want to get up at 5:45am to get her up and ready and drive her to be there by 6;45am... When did they change activities to be BEFORE school? I am certainly getting old. The down side is that this will make for an awfully long day for her. But, that's part of the life experience!

This is a picture from last year, we just upgraded her horn to a double - as in 5th grade they don't need a double but, in 6th they recommend it. I'll have to get a new pic of it - it is SO SO SO purdy - makes me jealous!

I sure she'll enjoy Wind Ensemble, we are proud of her. Makes me think of the friends I madein band, the fun things we did together and how many of them I've reconnected with on facebook that still make me smile!


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Paige said...

Congrats to Bree--glad she is enjoying it