Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another successful Sunday!

After waiting all day on Friday for Bree's new saddle to arrive (see post below) - it must be the 'right' one because Bree had a great show on Sunday!

Infact, it was awesome! Tess and Bree had the fastest time on the day (youth, jr's, sr's, and in the open) - they cracked one out like we've never seen before.

Just as a reference: Last show, Bree's best time on poles was 24.43. Her first run on poles in this show was a 22.72 - nearly 1.8 seconds better which is unique that you cut off that much time - It was a beautiful sight to watch - trust me!

The next fastest time was 22.84 (by an adult) - She was on cloud nine realizing that they can do it, they did it and that all the training and practice is paying off. There's nothing like success to drive motivation on wanting more!

Her 2nd run wasn't quite as good but still better than last show at a 24.00.

Then the weather set in and we loaded the horses into the trainer and waited out the rain. We thought we were in the clear and got in one barrel run before the skies let loose and after getting everything picked up, loaded up, we were soaked down to our skin. Talk about feeling like a drowned rat!

Her barrel run was 'ok' - she was talking about how she always thought poles was her 'weakest' event, but it is actually turning out to be the barrels. They have some things to work on - we are picking up on what's slowing them down. She had a respectable run at 21.86 and placed 4th.

So, eventhough she only ran in 3 classes - she had 2 firsts and a 4th - still making it a successful day! She made more than her entry fees and pocketed the difference - She likes that too!

Now, we kind of go back to the drawing board and start focusing on those few things to fix on her barrels. Tess and Bree are really clicking together so hopefully there will be more good results in the future!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic------of course

that saddle is so pretty----and now probably getting a "work out"

but all "three" --Tess,saddle and Bree click.

When is next show??????
enjoy mom