Thursday, January 1, 2009

Starting the New Year off right...

I won! I won! I won!

What a great way to start off the new year!

Val, Lisa, Becky, Rachel and I (from the knitting group) all went to The Fold (Marengo, IL) today for their New Year's Day sale / open house. I can't think of a better way to kick off 2009, great friends, lots of sweeet yarn, a peek at some spinning wheels (I am SO jonesing) and on top of it all, I won a book as a door prize. It is called "Crocheting on the Edge" by Nicky Epstein and it is even SIGNED by her! How cool is that?!

We all did some serious credit card damage! And I think over the 6 hours we were there, I looked and looked and looked and looked some more and at a couple of spinning wheels. I do NOT know how I walked out of there without buying one. Sheer will is all I can think of! And, maybe the fact that I purchased yarn and was inspired to knit up some things and getting a spinning wheel would have prevented that from happend.

I purchased some yarn (Cascade Ecological Wool to be double stranded) for this jacket:

The yarn is Charcoal and a medium shade of gray.

I also purchased some Easter Pastel sock yarn for socks for Bree and of course, it wouldn't be me, if I didn't purchase some blue jean colored sock yarn - LOL! Ok, I confess, somehow, someway, some blue jean color wool yarn made it into my basket to make some felted flip flops.

And one skein of Rare Gems, Sock That Rock seemed to call my name. (ok, I KNOW I do not need any more sock yarn, but it is a cool colorway)!

I'm in a mad dash to finish the Traveing Vine socks I started on Saturday. I have 49 more rows. I am holding myself back for jumping right into the jacket!

I've decided I need to make a list of what I have in the 'que' to knit, then prioritize them and then start knocking them off one by one. I think that will be a task for tomorrow.

Other than that, not much is happening. Bree and I went to the barn yesterday and delivered Christmas gifts. That's always fun.

Last night some idiots (read this as teenagers who need to be shot) decided it would be funny to open gates on all the fenced yards. This morning, I was up early to get ready to go and let the dogs out. Well, after 20 minutes of Bailey (the Goldendoodle) not returning I went out in the yard. Imagine the heart stoppage when I see the side gate wide open. (It was not open at 11pm last night, when we let the dogs out for the final time). I yelled to Bree to get Bill, hopped in my truck and started driving around - knowing that she runs like a gazelle and had a 20 minute head start - hell, she could have been a county over or worse - dead on the busy street near our house. THANKFULLY... She was 3 doors down. Apparently, she walked down, saw THEIR gate open and thought it was her yard and was in their fenced yard. Talk about taking 10 years off your life. We walked down our street around the park area (where there are about 6 other houses with fenced yards and ALL gates were open). I swear if I ever find out who did this stupid-ass stunt, you all will have to send bail money as I will be in jail on an assault and battery charge.

PS - See, I am starting off the new year with a post. Yay me!


Anonymous said...

I'M JEALOUS---yarn---friends

and if you have so much time-----email me with SOUND as it is SO QUIET HERE--or words! ! !

oh my gosh--Bailey--how awful----

but glad you found her right away


Jen said...

What a wonderful shopping trip. And a rare gem of STR to top it all off!

Happy New Year!

Paige said...

Are we putting money on how long it will take you to crack and buy it?

Lorna said...

Yes, let's put money on it and I get the money! Which will help pay for it..

These damn things are expensive.. I have bought a Billy Cook saddle for less....