Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is there such a thing of 'never enough'..

Yarn, that is.

I went to a yarn store today that I had not been to before.ever. It was filled to the brim. More yarn in a yarn store than I've seen.

I bought 3 skeins. All three were purchased to make Bree things. All primary rainbow colored. One will be socks, and the other 2 skeins will be used for felted FLIP FLOPS. These should be fun!

You would think I would have enough yarn. But, I do not think there is any such thing of 'enough' yarn. You never know just when that one project, that one cool, special, gift or such that might come up at the last minute and you need to have the yarn at your fingertips. Kind of like people from the depression era stock up on canned food. Not me. I stock up on yarn. That way, I may not be able to eat, but I'll be knitting. Or like horse people having that extra saddle pad, extra headstall, extra brush. Just like that! (wait, that's me too - I see a pattern here)

I finished my 2nd stealth project since Jan 1. Pictures can not be shown until the recipient receives, though. And I did cast on my jacket. (Jacket pictured in previous post). That is going to take a while.

Question is what to cast on next.. I have to have a smaller project to carry around. The jacket is not going to fit in my purse - ha! Socks? maybe. Felted flip flops is a good possibility as I really want to see how these turn out. Perhaps, another stealth knitting project - another illusion scarf - looks like piano keys. Socks, maybe. probably. then a scarf or flip flops.

Ooooh, and I saw these cool mittens today. They were "nordic", "latvian", "fair isle" type mittens with colorwork. Pretty cool. I see something like this getting added to my list to knit. Hmm.. I wonder if I have any yarn for something like this? I bet I don't. Looks like I'll have to go yarn shopping. oh darn.


Heather said...

What yarn store did you go to?

Anonymous said...

Yeah---why didn't you take me? And I don't mean the 'Upstairs Loft" shop.

I predict you will win the List Challenge.

I am beginning to "feel" a spring visit. Would you be ready?


Lorna said...

Lizzie's at 300 S Main St in Wheaton. (No credit cards - checks and cash only) - but man.

Yeup, Spring is in the air..