Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's BB Time!!!

Well, Bree's 5th grade girls Basketball team started a week ago! She's very excited this year and has been practicing getting "tougher".

She is tougher than last year - she proved it in this game! She was NOT going to allow the other team's best player to get by her, she was NOT going to allow someone to steal the ball from her and when she got a rebound, she was NOT going to let anyone else grab it away! And she didn't!

She played the best I've seen her play.....yet! And she had fun and she enjoys her teammates. They played their first game on Saturday. They are Michigan State this year (last year they were NC). Duke (the team they played on Sat) beat them by 2 points... It was a good game!

Here are a few pics I took -

Bree did a fantastic job in defending this girl. They bumped and pushed and did all the basketball things on defense one should do!

Bree has been practicing dribbling with both hands and without watching the ball. This year the coaches also instituted 'plays' which he calls out when they cross the half court line.

Keep in mind that you cannot defend on the players until they cross half court (that's why you don't see anyone defending her).

She plays each saturday thru March 21 with practice during the week.


Anonymous said...

That BB player---------is a kid? ? ? ----my granddaughter!

WOW! I must say I haVE "given my height" to her! ! 1

Go Bree. I can' wait till next Saturday and we talk on Sunday.

Enjoy Ree

Paige said...

Good for her, I am glad she is enjoying it--but she better watch those arms, on that one defensive position, as they will start calling that an illegal position soon.

I got called on that in 4th grade and have never forgotten it--I thought I had a really good plan there. Ooops