Monday, January 5, 2009

The Christmas Holidays are officially over..

Or winter break or whatever politically correct term is being used...

How do I know this you may ask?

It's not because We've taken down any Christmas decorations - because that has not happened. (I actually have to take photos so I know how to set up the village next year - LOL).

It's not because the weather has broke. Eventhough we have no snow on the ground - thanks to the 60 degrees we had last week.

It's not because the stores aren't offering sales.

It IS because my house was QUIET today. The Kids went back to school today. It was nice and quiet (minus the dogs barking from time to time for absolutely NO reason).

I spent the day reorganizing and moving furniture, etc around in my studio. I had broken down my studio for the holidays to put the 2nd spare bed back up for the guests we had.

Bill put up 4 shelves (2 on each side of the windows) yesterday. So, I had to fill them with cool stuff. Not quite done with that yet as I need to get some extra easels for the little picture frame type stitching stuff. And I combined my sewing machine tables into one.. it looks cool. I rearranged my knitting yarn bins.

Bree gave me her 'decorating' stamp of approval - which is HUGE! LOL!!!

One of my knitting resolutions is to inventory my yarns. So, this will be a big help in accomplishing that goal.

When it is complete, I will take pics and post. I also need to find some cool - not prim - but country type curtains with SHEEPIES on them. The theme throughout the room is definitely my lambie/sheepie collection. I love me my sheep (as Paige would say).

So, by the end of this week, my goal is to have the house decorations down and boxed - save the 2 Christmas trees which will be dismantled over the weekend.

One step at a time! Baby steps - but at least moving in the right direction!

(And, I've been good about posting this year TOO!)


Anonymous said...

Here to----and the house is bare-nekkid. Where are those dern valentines when I need them to add some color.

I am so glad you got those shelves up by your windows. I am sure it will look soooo nice with your sheepies. Be anxious to see the pictures later on.

Nothing getting done down here. Reading ELECTRONIC MANUALS for "pleasure"


Paige said...

'Finally--something I am ahead of you on---not having Christmas stuff up. then again, I did not put any up.

I did put up all my new clothes last nite. Now to do Barry's so that the cleaning lady can come tomorrow

Life is so hard