Friday, February 8, 2008

Paige-asters? Or not, plus knitting

I have had a few, what could be classified as, paigeaster days or a week.

My microwave died about 2 weeks ago (thank goodness I have my spare from college - that was my Grandmothers - I'm not telling how old it is as that would be dating myself - suffice it to say I graduated college in 1985). Well we went and picked out a new one and it was scheduled to be installed (under the cabinet type) on Jan 31 - BIG snow storm hit, no install. The guy said he would put me on the schedule for this past Tuesday. No call. No show. So, I call their office. Leave a message. Call again - and talk to the "lady". She says - let me pull your paperwork and call you RIGHT back. Ok, 6 hours later, NO CALL. I call leave a message. 24 hours goes by from when I spoke to her. NO CALL. I call again, leave a message. NO CALL. I'm am freaking p'od at this point so tomorrow am, I'm going BACK to sears and telling them if that microwave isn't where it should be (above my stove) by the end of the day, they can shove it where the sun don't shine. That's BS. Still no reponse - time to call Sears and give them a good chewing.

Then, Wednesday, my poor, dear of a doll hubby broke a tooth off - so bad it could not be saved (to be crowned) and had to have it surgically removed yesterday - he's pretty sore. He'll be getting one of those "implant" type things instead of a bridge once it heals up. I was joking with him, that with the missing tooth, he could pass for a redneck horse person - haha. Poor guy though.

A few weeks ago, he took my Tahoe to wash it and broke my heated, power mirror and we decided that a $590 replacement wasn't worth it (it's still on there - its one of those that spring closes shut) and that we could put a "shimmey" in there to keep it from vibrating. Well, I happen to notice right around a week after that my antenna was snapped off as well.. W T HEck... My poor baby is broken and that makes me sad... It's been such a great vehicle for me (7 years old and 125,000 miles) - never letting me down.

Let's see, my new cell phone would not work in my house. Took it back in and the guy behind the counter and I started talking - turns out he is "horse people" and upgraded me to a phone more than a $100 more than the first one for FREE. Hmm.. am liking that.

I have been knitting, but silly me, mailed off the "goods" without taking photos, what is up with me on that? I did that at Christmas too. I finished my Brother's socks - which he should enjoy with his deer thinning out in the woods in the cold and snow task he has at hand for the IL Dept of Wildlife. And something else, that I can mention here. I also have Bree's little Bolero jacket about 75% done (one sleeve left), but I think I'm going to need one more skein of yarn, so I have to contact Mom's yarn store (With Ewe in Mind - great store if you're in the area) in Paducah about getting that. I also am test knitting a pattern for Sarah (a sock of course) on SIZE ZERO's using Jen's lucious hand paint yarn. I've turned the heel and am working on the gusset decrease. This has given me a new understanding to the number of rows on SIZE ZEROS that it takes to make an inch. I swear I was knitting the leg until the cows came home and THEN SOME. I cannot imagine what the foot is going to be like. I think they will be made for Bree's size - not that that will save me much knitting as NOW her feet are only a half shoe size smaller than mine.

I'm also working on future class project samples, etc. for Peggy's Strands of Heaven (my local LYS and our Sunday meeting place). I don't think I'll get to any knittig for ME anytime soon... But, it's knitting and I like the items I'm knitting, so all is good.

There's more, I know there is, I just can't think of it right now...


Paige said...

Wow that does sound like my kind of week.

So do you do you not have a new microwave?

I once bought a new mocrowave becaue I thought mine was dead, and really I had blown a house fuse. For that reason, I have microwaves all over--the house, the barns, the trailers--micrwaves all around!

mom said...

Good Grief! but all bad things must come to an end or things come in threes and you have fours.

Soooooo micro fixed this week-----bill's tooth fixed-----and Baby Tahoe.

The kniting will take care of itself. Have fun today.

I am starting to knit too.


Elly'sMom said...

ROFL, it sure does sound like a "Paige" week.