Monday, February 11, 2008

The Wheels on The Bus Go...

Round and Round, Round and Round.. The wheels on the bus go round and round all thru the day... That's what I am sitting here singing while knitting round and round on the foot of Sarah's new sock pattern that I'm test knitting - 55 rows worth (and on size zero's I'm wondering if I'm half way..) so, let's do some math (one of Sarah's favorite things) - 55 rows x 72 stitches.. um, let's see, carry the one, screw it -hang on - opening up my calculator.. ah, ok 3,960 stitches SO FAR... So FREAKING far.. I feel like I've been knitting this sock forever (when I started it on zeros just last Sunday - but had knit about 2 inches on ones realizing it was too loose)

I will say, however, I LOVE the pattern, I think its her best yet - (my biased opinion since I test knit the other 2 as well). The yarn is Jen's fabulous hand dyed softest stuff (thus the zeros) and its in a super wonderful eye loving colorway and will be kit up in the Peggy's Strands of Heaven sock club release coming later this month ( - which Bridget (the owner) had better damn well be updating the site today (as she told me she was when I nagged her this am). The "goodie" along with this sock club release is a really neat Della Q silk drawstring project bag - way cool! I am HOPING beyond HOPE that I have this sock completed by Wednesday (at the latest) so I can move over to finish the other shop sample I'm working on... (and maybe the last sleeve of Bree's Bolero) - saying the "last" sleeve makes it sound like there are 9 of them - ha - ok - the OTHER sleeve may be more grammatically correct- but you know what I meant. I know you do.

Then, I really (unfortunately) need to finish BOTH sleeves (hmm.. I think I have a thing about sleeves these days) of the Gawd AWFUL yarn AG Doll robe. I get the shakes just THINKING about that yarn - maybe, just maybe, I'll have something else come up that I have to knit in a hurry to put that off - yea, that's the ticket..

Brriinnggg, hold on my phone - "Hi Bridget, what you need me to knit the Everlasting Bagstopper for a shop class and sample?" "Why YES, I think I can do that as soon as I finish this sock and other shop sample?"

Well, that just solved that problem, now didn't it.. Today is a good day!

PS - the microwave lady called me on the day of my last post stating that after she spoke with me Wed am - she twisted her ankle in their warehouse and hadn't been "in" since - Hmm.. I guess their business just SHUT DOWN and everyone had to go home because she wasn't there to schedule new customers, get orders ready to go, etc.. I'd hate to see what would happen if she was hit by the "proverbial" bus (not wishing any bad will here folks) - just making a point... Hrumph - Like I believe that stupid ass story.... She's making "so-called" special arrangements for me - to have it installed tomorrow MORNING - "special" - Hurrrmmph - If I ever treated my clients like this (when I had them) - I'd be unemployed - oh, wait, I am... Oh well, it was worth a shot...