Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Bus is PARKED... Oh yea!

Well, the GOOD news is the sock is DONE, DONE, DONE and delivered to Peggy's for photos! Should be up soon on her site - http://www.strandsofheaven.com

The bad and good news is that the stuuuupid freaking microwave installers called last night and (who I now know as the "owner") said they would be here between 9am and 11am today. Can you SEE where this is going?

Well, at 11:12AM they still had NOT arrived.. Insert many, many curse words here.. So, I call the cell phone number of the guy (who I now know as the "owner") and he says - "Oh, they're on their way, be there in 10 minutes" - Uh-huh. .Yea. Sure.

They showed up 20 minutes later. So, now, it's um, 11:30am. They install the micro and the one guy says "gee, look with 5 min to spare" - I originally told the lady that I wanted it installed BEFORE noon. I gave this guy my best damn evil eye and said. Yea, just 17 days and 55 minutes late. Can you believe that shit? So, the OTHER guy fills out the paperwork and prints and signs his name.. I look, I read... SAME last name as the woman I spoke with - want to bet he's her husband?

Want to bet they PURPOSELY were late and made me call and ran over from their shop (which I have since found out is 6 YES 6 miles away from me) once I called as "retribution" for being an "upset" customer to his wife?

Huh. Well, I WILL have the last laugh. I plan on going to Sears ANYHOW with my guns loaded and blasting and plan on getting at least PART of my installation fee refunded. Screw them. Oh, and for anyone in Illinois, Chicagoland area who purchases an appliance from Sears - DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT allow TOP NOTCH QUALITY (isn't that a joke) APPLIANCE installation service install your appliance.

Trust me.


Amanda said...

Hey Lorna,

You've been TAGGED! Check my blog for the rules.



Anonymous said...

However ! ! ! does the thing work? ? ? ??

Ya never know if they are THROUGH with their "installations"

Cheerful Mom hehehe

Valerie said...

You go girl....Sears should stand behind their recommended installers..

Sarah said...

Ha, Bridget says you'll breeze through them....can't wait to see them.

Lorna said...

I sure did just BREEZE right thru them - done in 7 days... Not bad, for a slow continental knitter like me...

Sarah said...

Still no pics or pattern from Bridget! You need to get after that woman.
Also, you seriously need to blog the fire story. I told my mom last night and she was dying laughing. She has a similar history of setting things on fire, just not herself.