Thursday, January 10, 2008


Anyway, my Barn Owner had his track vet out last night to look at another horse and while he was there he had him take a peek at my Filly, Jessie and this whole damn on again, off again foot issue.

They lunged her for 15 minutes then the Barn Owner rode her and pronounced her "Sound as I've ever seen any horse"- They did take an xray of her foot and thru poking and prodding and whatnot saw a itty, bitty, little hole in the bottom of her from (more of a "slice" than "hole") where he think the abcess probably released and she's now fine and dandy. Good news! Yay. Now, naturally, our weather is not cooperating (supposed to be in the low 30's and snowy this weekend) so, don't see riding her until it warms up a hair... But, that's good news.

On our farrier, the update is that he spent 10 days at Loyola Medical Hospital in Maywood and has been released and is home. As my Barn Owner said, he'll live and that's what's important.


Paige said...

Well wonderful! So I was right all along about the abcess---Nitas have been clowing like little slices too--very strange

I am so glad she is well!

Anonymous said...

Oh, glad to hear this news-----via----your blog.

Both horse and farrier on the mend.

Now the oldster "tahoo" would be next.


Sarah said...

Yay, glad she's okay.

Holly said...

Glad for the filly and really glad for the farrier. It's a hard and dangerous job they do.

DK said...

Good news on Jessie. And as for your farrier - best care anywhere, that place. I really miss a lot of things about the way medicine was practiced at Loyola.