Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New things around the house...

It's starting off to be a good month. I FINALLY after 2 years and 1 month, persuaded Bill (my dear husband) to get a NEW tv for our bedroom. Now, I say FINALLY in big, bold capital letters because I actually tried to buy him one for our 10th wedding anniversary (which was just about 2 years and 1 month ago).

He just cracks me up. Thank you ENTOURAGE - the HBO or Showtime (whichever one it is) series that he likes to watch that is on when Bree likes to watch one of her shows - so he used to go up in our bedroom to watch (plus, not a show she should be watching anyhow). Well, to date the tv in our bedroom - it was my Grandmothers then I took it to college with me. I graduated from college in 1985 (you do the math) - but, for sake of an argument - it's at least 22 years old. YIKES.. And it still worked, but, the picture was getting a little fuzzy, yada, yada, yada - and over the past 2 years it was getting more and more fuzzy - So, when he was relegated to watching Entourage upstairs - and I happened to hear him mutter about the picture I though "AH HA!" So, this time, I passed it off as a birthday gift (his is the 17th of this month) - and off we went to Best Buy.

Now, this is an experience in and of itself with my hubby who returns just about anything I've ever bought him because he doesn't "need" it. So, we started looking at the 26" LCD tv's. Then he thought wow, that's alot of money, so we walked around the other side of the wall to look at the traditional tv's, which by the way, are few and far between even Best Buy is discontinuing carrying an old-fashioned tv. There was one (but it was a floor model) that had him kind of iffy - I said NO. Then there was one a bit less than the LCD but bigger screen - when he tried to lift the box (70 pounds) vs (24 on the LCD) I laughed. (Like weight makes a tv better or worse????? - must be a guy thing)

So, he went back to the LCD's - now there was a 26" and a 32" the 32" was only 200 more - NO BRAINER for me... As I hate to shop anyhow - Well, after what seemed an eternity, he did the RIGHT thing and got the 32". Carried it out, brought it home, hooked it up, laid on the bed and promptly fell asleep - (again must be a guy thing)

Then, because he likes to watch 2-1/2 men, which he somehow, someway always seems to be doing something and misses 1/2 of it - I mentioned a DVR to him - hmmm.. he says - after talking with the Best Buy sales guy (who actually knew his stuff and lost a sale for being honest) we decided instead of purchasing a Tivo, that our cable company (for less money per month plus don't have to buy any equipment - thus the lost sale) was the way to go. Bill liked this idea - Huh.. Wonder what this is all about. So, on Thursday morning, the cable guy (cracks me up to say that in my head) will be here to hook up the DVR, etc.. Should be fun.

I'm still in amazement and denial that he actually bought something for himself so to speak - although, Bree has been watching the new tv as much as Bill has - but, that's ok - it'll be there perhaps another 22 years?


carol said...

HOORAY! Cool! Way to go!


Sarah said...

It's all about the DVR. I'm not kidding.

Paige said...

I swear to you, the DVR changed my life! The only problem is that I record things in the living room that I wish I could watch in bed, but I will find a way around that some how, you just wait.

We also yammered over the big plasma tv in the family room forever---and I dont know why, it easily gets the most use of anything we own, including the cars. Now I think I will get a couple more for the bedrooms!

Go Bill--welcome to the 21st century!

Jen said...

Oh, the DVR. It's the best thing ever! :)

DK said...

Oh! You know how I'm in love with my DVR!