Thursday, October 18, 2007

Finished Object (FO) Purple/Red Sheep Tote

As promised, I do have a few finished objects...

My first "real" project (supervised by Miss Kate) was the "Fabulous Felted Tote" by Fiber Trends - and though I love it - it is so DEEP - so, when Miss Kate made herself a Fiber Trends Sheep Tote - I started "jonesing" as it was rectangular and short and had pockets for organization (and you all know how organization is one of my most coveted words).

So, during our outing to Indiana to Sheep's Clothing, I purchased the pattern and yarn (Cascade Quatro in the Red Stripe and Cascade 220 in a purple) and finally made up my very own.

I SO wanted to make it like Miss Kate's (I LOVE the Malabrigo Chunky varigated she used) but, since every LYS I've been to does NOT carry it - and I take this PERSONALLY, I had to substitute. Just for the record - I like mine (although it is quite plain) but still LOVE Miss Kate's.

So, I've been toying with perhaps doing a needle felted "something" on it - but, nothing has hit my fancy as of yet - Maybe I should send it down to my "bedazzler" queen friend, Paige, for some bling?

Anyway, here is a picture - I followed the pattern as is - and used 2 strands of the Cascade yarns mentioned above.


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That bag is so pretty!!