Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Popcorn, Peanuts, and 4H Fair Info...

Well, it has been a LONG, LONG, week / weekend.. Filled with 6am to 10pm days!!!

Here are the results first, then the details -

Bree and Tessa did AWESOME!! She had 3 classes on Saturday -
Halter - Blue Ribbon,
Showmanship - Blue Ribbon and Grand Champion and she won this very neat "Director's Chair" embroidered on the back rest with the class name and all!
Trail Class - Red Ribbon

On Sunday, she rode in 9 classes -
Western Pleasure - Blue Ribbon
Western Horsemanship - Blue Ribbon
Western Riding - Blue Ribbon and Reserve Grand Champion
Working Pattern - Blue Ribbon.

Then to the games...
Barrels - Blue Ribbon and Reserve Grand Champion
Pole Bending - Blue Ribbon and Reserve Grand Champion
Keyhole (her favorite event) - Blue Ribbon and Grand Champion and she won this neat embroidered duffel bag
Plug Race - Blue Ribbon and Grand Champion and she won this neat embroidered Tote Bag
Flag Race - Blue Ribbon and Grand Champion and she won this neat Grooming Tote filled with a bunch of great horse supplies!

Then at the close of 4H they do the "overall" awards and Bree won HIGHPOINT Games horse in her age division - which at the 4H Achievement Awards night this fall she will receive another Belt Buckle.... She was thrilled..

Mom and I took pictures on Mom's camera which she didn't bring her memory card reader - so no pictures until next week...

The week leading into the fair was crazy as Tessa decided to bang up her knee to the point of being quite swollen which ended up both swelling "up" above her knee to her forearm and also "down" her leg - so, we were doctoring her 2x daily from Monday to Thursday HOPING it would be well for the fair - (obviously, we did ok - LOL) - So, Bree didn't get to practice riding until Friday (day before fair started). Considering this, it was amazing how well she did!

The weather was a ton better and nicer than the past 2 years. (2 years ago temps were around 100 and last year around 95) making it a great deal more healthy for both humans and animals!

Mom was tickled as she has never seen Bree "compete" for real - and even though she sees pictures and gets the play by play after the fact from Bree, seeing it in person lends an entirely different perspective.

We're r&r'ing it today and trying to put some organization back to all the supplies, clothes, etc.. that we used for the fair as the stuff is just everywhere!

Bree has set up her Director's Chair in the Familyroom, it's like she has her own "movie" chair watching tv - ha! Now, that I'll have to get pics of!


Sarah said...

Yay! Congrats to Bree.

Paige said...

Wonderful, although I am not surprised!

Sounds like she made quite a haul--congrats Bree!

Cara said...

That's great, how cool!

Tell Bree I said Congrats!

Valerie said...

Yipee!! to Bree for doing so well. Double Yipee !! to you for doctoring Tessa so well that she could compete. I am glad it went so well......

DK said...

That's awesome! Tell Bree I said, good work!! That rocks!