Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Confessions of an Adult..

Ok, I'll be the first one to step forward... I am addicted to Webkinz. I love my Webkinz Siberian Husky named Suki.... (I don't think they've created a 12 step program for this addiction ... yet!) is a site created for kids (ha, ha) that is better than microsoft could ever come up with. It is a safe, secure, creative, fun, learning, enjoyable site for kids (adults) to visit.

A little history.. Bree received her first two webkinz (Lil Kinz - think kitty instead of cat or puppy instead of dog - there are both Lil Kinz and Regular Kinz) for her birthday. Most of her friends had them and she got 2 as birthday presents - Ruby a cocker spaniel and Diamond a brown horse - So, in webkinz world you have to feed, care, etc.. you get a "house" with rooms (you purchase more rooms) and you have things you can do to earn money (kinzcash) - you can go to the employment office and do a job, play games (they have MAHJONG!!!!) and many, many other options... As you earn kinzcash, you have to buy food, clothing, furniture etc.. (you can send gifts to your friends too!)

Now, at Easter, we got my Mom one - She got Plato (a "google" - think Platopus) - and so Bree and my Mom could visit, play games online and send each other notes, gifts and the like..

Well, thru various things - Bree has NOW worked her way up to TEN (yes, 10) webkinzs - All of her girls are named after gemstones/jewels and her boys are named after pro football players

She has: Ruby - Cocker, Diamond - Brown Horse, Opal - Bunny, Ameythst - Pink Pony, Topaz - Tiger, Emerald - Choc Lab, Pearl - A pig (just got after the piggie transport), Romo - Basset Hound, Peyton - Frog, and I'm missing one (shame on me) -

So, throughout this year, she's asked me from time to time to help her "build" up her kinzcash so she could buy things - then my Mom did the same - I got so used to playing the games (solitaire, mahjong, and others) - that I decided it was time (after getting them up to 37,000 and 42,000 kinzcash) - that I got my OWN webkinz... So I got SUKI...

They have trading cards with free prizes, and you get a sweet little plush, stuffed animal with your purchase - (Ganz is the mfg) -

The site is completely interactive - for example, when you buy food, you can put it in your refrigerator, your pets ACTUALLY use the toilet, the bath tub requires you to use bubble bath, shampoo and you have to rinse off your pet. The grill actually cooks, your pets run on a treadmill, or jump on a trampoline or swim in a pool (all items you purchase) - OR, you can plant, maintain and grow a garden by which the food you grow can be eaten by your pet(s)... It is TRULY an amazing site (have I said that yet?)

They also have a "Quizzy's" corner with questions you answer each day of facts and Bree has learned many tidbits of "useful" information!

So, now, I'm sitting with a low 3,000 kinzcash and have to go play mahjong to build it up to buy neat stuff...

I encourage anyone with kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids, friends with kids to take the "tour" on the site listed below - it is the best $12.99 I think I've ever spent!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Is the "group therapy" in session yet? From kids ( Bree) to mom ( Lorna ) to grandmas ( Ree) -----we need it.

And they say parents are to blame for many of their kids faults. What about kids being blamed for THEIR mom's faults. I am thoroughly corrupted by my kid alias Ole Daughter". hehehe

Behind in house cleaning--who cares--sewing---ought oh------quilting--dang why did I say yes to a project with a deadline! ! ! !

Gals, join the merry group.

Plato and I wish you all a nice day.


Paige said...

Good Lord, I wondered why you were asking me for Husky names, when Bree is normally so good at naming. I should have known you had finally succumbed!

DK said...

The Webkinz use the toilet, huh? Hmmm....sounds better than an actual pet.....! Maggie can't even let herself out!