Saturday, July 14, 2007

Go Florida State Seminoles...

...Picture the stands full of people humming the "hmmm, hmmm hm-hm-hm" - the Seminole chant and seeing all those arms doing the Tomahawk chop then cut to a guy on a couch...

And you'll see this during football season:

This is a picture of my hubby (Bill or "The Big Nasty as Paige calls him) modeling his newly completed Florida State team spirit wear! They're made from Nature's Spun 100% Wool - will be warm! (And yes, he fully understands that they are NOT machine washable and has been threatened NOT to do so within an inch of his life)

I used 1 and a tad more of a 2nd skein of the Burgundy and not even half a skein of the Gold. Skeins are $6.25 each - so, not a bad price for a pair of socks! I used size 3 circs and they are a nice dense weight. They really are even in length - he just had the cuff bunched up on the one leg.

I started out following a basic boot sock pattern and Miss Sarah suggested that I do an afterthought heel since I wanted it in the contrasting color! And, Miss Sarah is not one to lead us sheep astray - and I just LOVE it... It was quite easy to do and I kind of like the look and Bill says it fits just right! Here's a picture of the heel:

I did make one sock 4 stitches bigger (and darned a small piece of the gold yarn on the inside cuff to tell the difference) as Bill seriously damaged one ankle (has pins, plates, screws in it) so, I needed to compensate for that!

He LOVES them and I think I have enough of both colors left to make him a matching hat - it won't be "double knitted" like his ND hat - but, it'll still be nice and toasty!

I'm sure during football season, he'll also be wearing his Notre Dame stocking hat, heee - I PROMISE to get pictures when he's wearing both..

So, I'm pretty excited, my 2nd pair of socks finished! (and the size of these - both feet and heighth should count as a complete other pair!)

On a side note: I'm still struggling and hating more and more those dang Jaywalkers! Maybe its because I'm such a "stay within the lines person" that "jaywalking" isn't computing in my brain - who knows... I will overcome though - maybe --- stay tuned....


Sarah said...

Yay! I can't support Florida State, but those are awesome socks.

DK said...

THOSE ROCK!!! Excellent work, Grashopper!