Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's been forever... and then some!

Bree went back to school last Thursday, big change for her starting middle school having to get up at least an hour earlier, with taking the bus, changing classrooms, a real hot lunch program, band everyday, etc.. She seems to be adjusting well though.

We had a good summer (if you can call it that) - it never really did feel like summer as the weather was nothing like the past typical summers. I hope that does not indicate the type of winter we are going to be having...

Now the big challenge to get back into a routine. One good part about her going to middle school is that it has increased my day by about an hour and a half... Instead of leaving to take her to school at 8:50am, she leaves to catch the bus at 7:25am - I also don't have to go get into the car line at 3pm - she arrives home off the bus at 3:20pm. I know it doesn't seem like a lot of time, but it is amazing how much more time that it feels like I have.

I have missed her the past few days - I'm so used to her being around, seems eerily quiet - however, I'm sure I'll get over that pretty quickly - hahah - as I get into a routine myself!

We're in the great squirrel battle right now. I have been saying for months and months and months (longer than I can recall) that I thought we had squirrels living in the attic, but nope, no one believed me. Well, we do. One has been caught (I refer to him as rat no 1 with a tail - Bill calls him "Bastardo") - and this morning I had visual confirmation of rat no 2 with a tail chatting with rat no 1 with a tail while trapped - Here's a pic of Bastardo...
I think he has anger issues, don't you? LOL! (I had anger issues the past week as they got REALLY noisy and were waking me up at 5am - not a smart move)

Anyway, one of my new routines is to blog more often. I figure between Bastardo no's 1 and 2 and recapping some of the summer and then with new things happening this school year, I should be able to have some interesting things (at least to me) to post.

Time for my no 2 cup of coffee!

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Anonymous said...

Oh good----have another blog to read----

especially on the "saga" of the Squirrel Family

Knitting and spinning and the list goes on.

Enjoy Mom