Friday, August 28, 2009

Still waiting on No 2 to get into the trap!

Well, rat with a tail no 2 - seems to be a 'wascally wabbit' - um.. oops - wrong cartoon.

We are still waiting. NOT patiently I might add. I still hear 'it' and it still wakes me up. I'm getting to be a very cranky person. (so, what's new, I know)!

we spoke to the Mr Animal Tracker - and if by the end of the weekend, we still have not caught 'it' - then we will switch to a walnut in the trap - we've been told that they cannot pass up a walnut - must be like a catnip thing. I don't care if we have to put filet mignon in the trap. I want to sleep past 5am. Really I do.

I've been knitting and spinning as usual, trying to get into some semblance of a routine now that Bree is back in school. She just finished the first full week. She's gotten into the groove and is just cruising along.

Next week it is my turn to get into a groove! We've got some fun things happening this weekend, so hopefully by Monday, I'll have some pics to share! (if not pics, then good and also funny stories!)

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Anonymous said...

Weather and curiosity may be his high up in the air downfall yet.

Meanwhile on "ground level" you guys have fun this weekend.

Enjoy Mom